MM that is strange - Ibuy TV just mentioned us

  1. ..... did anyone else in the UK hear that? I was flicking channels and stopped ast 631 as they are now selling Chloe Silverados. It was intriguing me after all the fake claims so I stopped to have a look. He starting talking about and how they were saying that these bags are impossible to get now....

    Are we now being associated with these fake merchants!!!! That Silverado is so fake.... The e on the Chloe was blanked out almost....

    Hope we are not being associated with those fake scammer!!!

    Anyone else see it?
  2. Whoa are you serious? I would just love to see a recording.
  3. :wtf:
  4. Hmmm...I wouldn't put anything past them. :cursing:
  5. WTF?! :rant:
  6. when was this yesterday --morning or evening because i put the channel on and saw them selling silverado .their balenciaga bags are also fake ,i had written to bal paris but i dont think they will do anything about it:cursing:
  7. Whoaaaaaaaaaaa WHAT!! I want to see this.. any way we can get it online?!
  8. I know im late on this. But their bags WERE authentic! My Mum bought 2 Prada bags, a Fendi Spy AND a Balenciaga City. She had them all authenticated in Puerto Banus, Spain.

    The channel is no longer selling designer bags however!

    Incase anyone had any doubts, in the UK - Elle magazine & Grazia plus a number of other weekly gossip mags were 100% behind them, with regular mentions of the channel!

    I admit i totally had my doubts, but after seeing the bags and my mum actually getting them authenticated.. whats the point in doubting any longer??