MM pochette or Epi pochette?

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  1. hey everyone

    yes, i do realise im NOT suppose to be buying anymore bags until i get my trip paid etc...

    BUT i just wanted to know and have some fun and not feel sad about not being able to buy a bag for awhile....

    SO, what would you buy?

    MM pochette OR

    Epi pochette (what colour?)

    OR, would you suggest another small purse/clutch (not the MC LV Shirley - can't afford that at all)

    is this in the right thread????? all LV stuff is suppose to be in here right???? :shame: man, i should just slow down and read stuff! (hehe)
  2. I am definately no help!!!

    I love the LV mono pochette because the mono is always a classic, I have grown to love the Epi too my favorite color is mocha and then black.

    I purchased the batignolles hand held on a whim because I needed a fix and came into a small amount of money.

    If I could have doubled the amount I would be carrying the Dior gaucho that I saw at Saks yesterday:love:

    What are you planning on carrying in it and when?
  3. hopefully, it will become my going out bag.... i don't take a lot out with me, just keys, phone, ciggies, a dozen lighters, and lip gloss.... hmm, its a hard choice.....

    every opinion counts! :smile: weeee heeeeee
  4. If you work in an office I would go for the Epi pochette. I think its a great forever bag and will go with everything. If you dress casual jeans/etc. I would go for the monogram pochette. I love them and you can always use a smaller bag your collection.
  5. EPI pouchette! I love it in the orange color also =)
  6. i think it depends on how much you want to put in it?

    the epi pochette can't put as much as the monogram one but i agree the epi is more classic bag which you can match with more outfits. the monogram is pretty casual.

    go for the monogram if you tend to carry more things out with you as the epi pochette will only fit your mobile, keys, wallet (depending how thick + big your wallet is .. it may not even fit)
  7. Go epi! Just to see if an epi would hold all of your required items, I put my Ludlow wallet, cell phone, pack of cigs, lighter, two lip glosses, and keys into my epi. It zipped perfectly, with a little creative arranging :P I took a pic for you so you could get an idea of the interior size with all that stuff in there (pic is a little blurry, sorry!), Good luck with your bag purchase!

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  8. :idea: = good idea = vanojr9

    thanks you SO much vanojr9... wow! now i know what it looks like with stuff in it! you have helped at lot!!!!! thanks so much!!!

    is yours a black one????

    oh thanks so much!!!!!
  9. I have a Monogram it while in college. I would love, love, love to get a red EPI Pochette.
  10. same here. i LOVE my monogram pochette, but would like to get a black EPI for dressier occasions.
  11. Epi! Everyone has that MC pochette!
  12. well, with all this talk about prices going up, its making all paranoid etc... i might have to just bite the bullet and take out a loan or get another cc to buy some LV!

    thanks to everyone for the suggestions! I've decided that I'll get an epi black... i dunno, i might change my mind when i get to the store but will totally keep you all posted!!!

    cheers! :nuts:
  13. :huh:h you will love it! another good thing about it is that it is slightly larger than the monogram pochette, which helps to carry more stuff!