MM Looping - uncomfortable handle

  1. I guess I should of went down to LV before buying it on eBay. I love the look of my MM Looping but I find the handle really hurts my shoulders and even bruised it in the beginning and NO, it's not because I have too much stuff in there.

    Has anyone ever experience this? Is this particular purse meant to be hand held? If so, I find the handle a bit long unlike the speedy.

    I tried bringing to LV to change the handle to a strap and they can't change the look of it. Darn, I love the bag but it kills me to carry it.
  2. I have a mini looping and have the same problem. I use it anyway. Unlike an uncomfortable pair of shoes, at least you can carry it in your hand and not be barefoot.
  3. Honestly, I was very surprised that LV would create such a rolled handle for the strap in this way....just by the looks of it, its uncomfortable and you just know that it will keep rolling off the shoulder....

    I dont get it...when LV for me is one of the best functional and comfortable bags....this was truely puzzling...I had a co-worker who bought the cute little one in this design and kept fussing with it all was a sad sight....:s
  4. Well, my sister has this bag, and I have to say the handle is nice and soft now (about 5 years old) and its kind of strechy. It doens't cut into her shoulder.

    So, maybe with time it softens a bit and becomes not as stiff...
  5. It will loosen up over time and become more comfortable
  6. I have the mini looping. It was very uncomfortable at first, so wore it on my shoulders for short periods of time. I've had it for three years now and I'm currently using it as my everyday purse. It gets comfortable over time once the leather softens up a little.
  7. ITA, the bag style is nice but I'd have preferred flatter straps. I tried it on in the store awhile back and it really cut into my shoulder.
  8. I have had a mini looping for 4-5 years now and I was surprised when I joined TPF and learned that people had problems with the strap because I never did.
  9. I loved the look of the bag when I decided to purchase it. I hated the handle, it bruised me as well, but I bruise easily. I sold it on eBay in 09/2005 and miss it (despite the fact that I hated the handle). :crybaby:

    I wouldn't pay full price for it now. When I bought it was $700.00
  10. I love the looping MM.
  11. if you decide to keep it, perhaps store it hanging near window to see if the handle will soften and stretched a bit? or use it with thicker clothes to protect your shoulder?
  12. I have a Mini Looping in Epi, and the handle has definately gotten more comfy over the years - it was very uncomfortable when the bag was new. I also have a Mulberry bag with the same kind of rolled handle and experienced the same with that.
  13. I considered selling it but I know I will most likely regret it once it's gone. My husband told me to use it as a winter bag. I just love the style and size. It is beginning to get a bit better and hopefully the day will come when I don't feel the pain anymore.