Mlticolor Pochette GM

  1. Is this a good bag to keep in your bigger bags (speedy) for misc cards and things? I've been using the pochette, but its kinda big and bugging a bit. thanks
  2. I think it is ... I only have the MM, and eventually want the GM for the same purpose you need it for. You can also use it as a clutch. And I love the extra zippered pocket on the front. Which color are you thinking of?
  3. I want the black one:love:
  4. ^^^ Great choice ... go for it! And post pics when you do!

    My MM is black too and I love how the colors pop!
  5. i don't carry a pochette in everyday bags; i carry a cosmetic case & wallet, etc.

    and the mc pochette is really cute! have fun shopping!
  6. I think it's very cute and very functional!
  7. I like it, it's practical and won't be as bulky.
  8. I have the mm in black as well and I love is perfect for cards, cash, etc...
  9. I have the white mm and love it! I use it along with my zippy wallet; it is easier to get in and out of. I keep my most used cards, license and small change. I would like to get the gm too for misc. items. I think it would make a great clutch too. Go for it!