Mlle. Damier goes to the firing range

  1. This is why I love LV!

    I'm on "vacation" at home this week - I have a week off between my old job and starting a new one. My fiance took a couple of days off too, so we could do some fun stuff.

    Yesterday he took me to the gun club to do some target shooting. When we got into the firing range, I set my Damier Speedy down in the only place available that wasn't the floor - on the bare wood shelf next to the box of ammo and tools and the magazines that hold the bullets. Mlle. Damier looked perfectly at home, and wasn't worried about getting a little gunpowder on her or anything. I think she knew her little golden lock gave her some street cred among the toolboxes.:P I wanted to take a picture but didn't have a camera.

    Today, we're going shopping for wedding dresses, and I am certain that she will feel just as comfortable surrounded by all the beautiful silks and satins and embroidery and beading. This is why I love LV - it can go anywhere and look appropriate, and with the exception of vachetta, it's very low-maintenance. :yahoo:
  2. LOL Lock and load baby!
  3. :yes: :lol:
    Why am I having trouble relating hippiechic & firing range?? :lol:
  4. Hehehe...good point! Actually it was the first time I'd fired a gun in more than 20 years. I'd never be able to kill Bambi, but target shooting was fun!
  5. LOL!!! Great story!
  6. Cute! Too bad you didn't have a camera!
  7. cool story!! damier speedies rule!!
  8. I love it......