MLK Day - a day to do something.?

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  1. K ~ so I just realized yesterday that there is this huge movement that we are all suppose to do some sort of volunteer activity on Monday. Apparently this has been going on for a couple of years, but seriously, where have I been. I am all about volunteering, but didn't know that there was a national holiday. So since I am obviously behind the times I did not make plans. I volunteer with Habitat and pretty much always have a partner family. What is everyone else doing, if anything?
  2. I'm not sure what we will be doing either, I didn't realize MLK day was so soon then all of a sudden it was here. So now I have a day off and no plans.
  3. I have to work all day.
  4. In Atlanta, people go and help with a huge Hungry and Homeless dinner event, a tradition from Olden Times that was started by Hosea Williams, and carried on by his daughter.

    It is said to be a great networking kind of event, too, for finding out which orgs need what, since so many people from different ones are there, so amidst all the cooking and serving and cleaning up, people can get hooked up with orgs and/or individuals who need what they have, whether money, boxes of books, or time and ability to be somebody's math mentor.

    There are copycats and clones in lots of cities, the one in the city near me features the same netting and hooking opportunities, some smaller orgs are able to plan out most of their whole volunteer resources and even rough scheduling just from conversations with people throwing ingredients into a vat of biryani!

    What you could do is just check with orgs and faith-based institutions/groups in your community and find out what and where and when, and take a notebook or phone with an actually usable to-do list, because you will want to be able to jot down names and numbers in case people are unable to give you a card because they are up to their elbows in bibimbop or soapsuds! ;)
  5. Go to

    They have lots of activities set up for tomorrow and is linked with obama's day of national service inauguration weekend celebration

    I highly recommended it if your employer allows the day off