MLB leather looks good....

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  1. #1 Apr 4, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2016
    Well, while I am not a fan of the MLB collections, I will say that the leather versions are nicely executed. I assume these are leather based on the pricing....ouch, but they look pretty nice. You might even pick one up and not necessarily think it was a team logo but just a nice pattern on the bag. Well played Dooney.

    Check it out....

    I would actually consider one of these.
  2. My boyfriend has the mets wallet. He loves it. I am considering a bag but cannot for the life of me decide which one!!
  3. I ordered my bag, fingers crossed!!!
  4. Wow, these are so pretty!
  5. Sue Clifton said a few times that NFL bags would becoming. I will believe this when I see it, sometime her info is off. Not always. I like her on QVC but for some reason I am doubtful.

    That said, if they do have NFL bags, I will knock over every one to get my team. LOL.
  6. :roflmfao: It's kind of surprising that they didn't do NFL instead of MLB. No offense to baseball fans, but football is much more popular. Maybe the NFL rights were too expensive.
  7. Ok they didn't do the leather one in the mets but here she is
  8. Love the blue. I really am liking this satchel style again. I have it in the Gretta. Carried it a few weeks ago and fell for it all over again.
  9. I have the Mets tote (bought it from MLB shop) but in the photo it looked like a lighter blue. Oh well.
  10. The photos online are a tad off in color. My boyfriend has the billfold wallet so I knew what color it would be.
  11. Another idea if you are not into MLB is to find a team that has one of your initials. A neat idea I think. :smile:
  12. My initials are DB LOL even my married name my initials were DB! I am back to my maiden name
  13. dell: what a perfect reason to collect Dooney signature handbags... monogrammed just for you.
  14. Since Chicago has World Series Fever, I had to share this fun thing that happened on our local news.

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  15. Thats hilarious!! Go Cubbies!!
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