MK's bag?

  1. Do any of you know what bag this is? I :heart: it!
    mkworking09.jpg mkworking12.jpg
  2. Thomas Wylde.
  3. Yes, she's right.
  4. Angela's right. It's a Thomas Wylde. I think it retails for around $2300. I really wanted to purchase this bag in grey, but it seems like it would be difficult to get in and out of. You have to use two hands to zip/unzip it as the zipper spans around the center of the bag. I like to be able to get in and out of my bags with relative ease, and this bag doesn't exactly afford that opportunity.
  5. Which stores carry Thomas Wylde? I haven't heard of him before.
  6. Lohan has it in grey....I think it is a really pretty color & very "rockstar chic"!


    J :smile:
  7. It's a she. The designer is Paula Thomas.

    Barneys carries the line, as does Electricladyland. You can purchase online from Electricladyland. The site is:
  8. Oops! See? Proof I hadn't heard of this designer! Thanks for the information, I will definitely check them out.

    tPF saves me from so many embarassing situations....:smile:
  9. wow i love her hair. she rocks that style. love the hair and sunglasses. brings it all together.
  10. Thanks for the info! I just love this look!