mk's bag

  1. anyone know what this is? i thought it was the same prada fringe she'd been wearing around everywhere but if you look at the multiple loop hardware on the handles you can tell its not. im stumped.:confused1:


    i have more pics if needed.
  2. almost 100% it's fendi... the gold buckle looks to be the logo... oh, and it's ashley!
  3. no - i know ahsley's bag is vintage fendi - i mean mk's, it was hard to see in the first pic i posted, but click the link
  4. oops! my bad!
    pretty sure you were right w/ the prada...
    maybe it's just a special limited version? i'm interested to know as well!
  5. its def not prada - i know ive seen this bag before, a while back, but for the life of me i cant think what the brand is
  6. fendi maybe?
  7. Off topic but does anyone know who makes ashley's sunglasses??
  8. Fendi
  9. Just to let you know,MK'S bag is the prada nappa fringe hobo.She sold me on this bag. I think it's a great boho chic bag.

  10. yup ^^ thats it.