MK where have you been all my life!

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  1. Hello ladies :smile:

    I'm normally a Coach fan but the past year or so I've been seeing some TDF MK bags! My friend is a fan too so now I'm hooked. I love the styles they offer and I've been wanting to branch out from Coach. I'm just so in love with the styles! Here are just a few beauties on my wish list :smile:

    MK Python Embossed Top Zip Tote

    MK Sequin Medium Grayson Satchel

    MK Signature Medium Travel Tote

    MK East West Signature Tote

    and I LOVE the wallets! I think I have a new obession :smile:
  2. Welcome to the world of MK:welcome2::welcome2:. I have recently started to collect MK bags after being into Coach also. I needed a change and now I don't see myself buying anyother bags for a long time.

    I like your choices! I hope you get a few new bags for Christmas!
  3. Thanks! Same to you :smile: I just love the style of them. How have yours held up? My friend has a GORGEOUS black bag, I wish I knew which MK is was but it's beautiful!
  4. My bags are holding up well. Quality is just as good as coach bags.:smile: Be sure to come back and share your new bags when you get them. :biggrin:
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