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  1. Doing it now .. LOL!
  2. I LIKE it!!! And I am loving the new Jet Set Chain Shoulder Totes :smile:, but they are probably AT LEAST $298 here :sad:.
  3. The coats are even worse. They are all like $500+ at the store here, and online they start at $200. And we are pretty much on par with the American dollar now. Coach definetely got this right keeping Canada on par with the US regardless of the value of our dollar.

    But the same thing happened to my DH yesterday - he bought a new Ping driver golf club - it was around $400+ here, but is for sale in the US for around $250.

    So it's not just purses or MK. It's still pretty rampant which makes no sense now. Screw the Canadians because we can.

    MAC cosmetics is another one - I actually sent them an email cause I was so ticked off.
  4. Actually I just checked and they are pretty good.

    I am looking at the python hobo. The US amount is $268, the CAD amount is $285 - that's not bad. They charge the taxes, which we would have to pay anyway, and the shipping is $33. So to get that bag into Canada is $354 CAD.

    They also have a 20% off purse forum coupon right now. If I can use that I might consider ordering this bag. That would bring it landed to my doorstep at $290.45 CAD. I think I remember seeing this bag in store for $400 + tax last year.
  5. That Saks deal sounds good. It is disgusting that we have to jump through hoops and figure out how to save $ when they are predicting our $ will beat the US$ come Spring!! I do realize that most stores do not do the business that Coach or LV does, but MAC? Come on people!! I sent an email to Burberry as well and got some trite form answer :nono:!
  6. I like the new website much better! I love the bigger pictures! ;)
  7. Oh I LOVE the quilted gunmetal hamilton!
  8. I love the black patent quilted!! :P

    I was really thinking I'd need to buy two--one patent and one quilted--but this is all in one!! Yay!

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  9. And I just did a live chat session with SAK's and Canadian orders do not qualify for the discount. Screwed again! I was going to order that python hobo, but not now.
  10. i LOOOOOVE it!
  11. Of course not! Why would they want OUR $?! LOL .. SIGH :sad:!
  12. OT, but i thought MAC was from Canada?
  13. Yes it is, which makes it all the more maddening.
  14. ^i don't understand then, why would it be more expensive? bad move on their part