MK trio quick reveal

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  1. I bought my second MK bag this week!
    First wanted the Céline trio but found many reports here of strap problems. Saw a woman on the bus with this bag and saw MK had a better solution for the stap. So I bought it :smile:
  2. Very nice!
  3. Nice! I bet this is a great crossbody!
  4. Cute!
  5. where did u got this?
  6. Looks like a great crossbody!

  7. Thanks! :smile:

    It is! Very handy :smile:

    At a store in Sweden. On the website they are discontinued but there is always a delay to Sweden haha. So I guess they have it in store but won't be able to order more. It was actually pretty cheap (at least in my opinion), hard to convert the pice correctly but ca 200USD (including taxes, which are 25% in Sweden).