MK Toronto quick review

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  1. Just posting this from my iPhone - sadly that Toronto outlet was kind of a disappointment. I really wanted a top but their supply of sizes was pathetic - almost everything I wanted was only available in xs, large and xl - no smalls or mediums.

    Not much in the way of bags and much less in wallets. MFF bags were obviously MFF.

    My DH did buy me a nice watch which I'll post a pic of on Monday.

    Very, very sparse outlet. I have a feeling it's because it's in Canada - I bet the US ones are way better.
  2. ^^ Oh, I am sorry to hear that! I know how much you were looking forward to it, Chrissy!! I was talking about going next week during my vacation, but perhaps I will wait until I can get to the States. I met a woman when I was at the Coach outlet last night and she had a MK bag with her. She was telling me that she goes across the border all the time because the deals there are SO much better for MK bags!!
  3. At least you didn't come home empty handed... but probably it's better to go to the states after reading your response abt the outlet.
  4. So where in Toronto is this outlet???

    Ok never mind I checked the site and see its at Vaughan Mills.