MK Saffiano Colorblock CarryAll Wallet


Jul 4, 2006
Hi guys
I was wondering...
for those who have this new wallet, do you have a hard time taking out cash bills from the bill compartment? It looks awfully small and not that deep not to mention the sides are stitched to the wallet making it hard to spread the bill compartment out...
Any input from those who have it?
I really like this new design. It's clean and sleek and the price is great however i am wary about the bill compartment issue.

Also i am a little wary about the quality of these wallets because at the store, i noticed that all the wallets were cut a little different. the sizing of the front flap were different from one another by a couple millimeter or so, not to mention the michael kors logo gold hardware was placed a little off too. These things bother me considering we are paying $$ for the "brand name".

Any input would be great.
Thanks for your help gals!