MK Reveal: Fulton & Hamilton

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to the MK club! Recently I snagged a hamilton satchel from Nordstrom during their sale and I was completely won over by his brand. I've posted my hamilton reveal on the other thread but I thought I will do it together with my Fulton bag as I don't see a thread for that particular design!

    Hamilton satchel in Navy :heart:



    Fulton Quilted Tote in Luggage! Surprisingly, my heart is leaning towards this style of bag too, as huge as a Longchamp! I managed to snagged this off ebay at a great price as it was a store display piece. MK logo slightly tarnished but everywhere else is in excellent conditon! I love the leather, its so squishy like a pillow!!! :biggrin:



  2. Beautiful!! Love them both!!
  3. Welcome to the club ... and congrats on your bags ... their beautiful ... :smile:
  4. Thanks, you're pretty quick! LOL. Was still editing the post before I saw your reply!
  5. Lol ;)
  6. Thank you, I love them too! And I had a 'LOL' moment at your quote signature! I have so many bags to last me for years but yet I keep buying!!
  7. Pretty!
  8. Same here too ... I buy so many bags and end up keeping most of them and I don't even know which one to carry ... lol
  9. Both bags are beautiful, congrats! I'm rather partial to the Hamilton, and absolutely love her in the navy! Gorgeous!

  10. Lol I acquired about 10 new bags since January.. Hahaha I feel you!
  11. Hehe yeah hamilton is pretty too, I want another in a fun colour!

    Thank you!

  12. You should! I have fuschia and summer blue and they are both so pretty!
  13. Congrats on the new babies!

    I got the same navy Hamilton on sale too, and she's one of my absolute favorites. I get compliments every time I'm out with her!
  14. I've also been dying for a quilted Fulton. I saw the red quilted Fulton satchel in my MK catalog a couple years ago, and STILL regret not buying it as it sold out very quickly. I found one new one with matching wallet on eBay but I missed the auction end by 15 seconds :sad:

  15. Hehe glad I picked navy in the end! A nice pop of colour!