MK Outlet!!

  1. Anyone ever been to one? I'm hitting the Vacaville, CA outlets tomorrow, and am looking forward to the MK outlet. Any insight? Thanks!! :biggrin:
  2. They are good - but if you shop Coach at all and go to Coach outlets - it's not the same experience at all.

    The prices are still up there for bags - not quite as much as the boutique but I don't think you'll feel like you are getting a bargain. They may have a couple of bags for a cheap price, but my overall impression is that the bags there are not that much cheaper than the full price store.

    They do have great prices on wallets, sunglasses and clothes though!!
  3. Thanks for the heads-up. I don't really plan on buying much, possibly some small accessories.
    Oh, and clothes!! I always forget to look at clothes--I spend all my time looking at the bags! ;)
    Interesting that they don't seem to discounted much at the outlets. I always find MK totes, bags at TJ Maxx for about $70-90. Wonder why they'd end up at the outlet, for not much discount, then TJM for rock-bottom. ?? Who knows? I do not pretend to understand why the stores do anything!!
  4. It's more of a FACTORY store as opposed to at outlet I guess. When I think of outlet I think of a place where stores send their end of season merchandise etc. to clear it out. Factory stores to me carry factory made items and the occasional markdown of end of season merchandise. At the MK outlet you will see a lot of bags that are factory bags, but the price is not that much cheaper than the boutique bags. But the quality is still very good - MK doesn't seem to want to differentiate his factory bags from his boutique bags very much.

    But if you are looking for wallets, sunglasses, etc. - those prices are excellent. I got a great wallet for $79 and gorgeous sunnies for $79 too. And the clothes are fabulous - don't forget the clothes!!

    Good luck and have fun - hope you find something!!
  5. Thanks. And, I suppose I never thought about it that way; factory vs markdowns. Makes sense. Is there any way to tell if a bag is MFF? I'm sure there is a thread for this... If so, redirect me and forget I asked! LOL
  6. Hey there omg I believe the MFF bags have a pattern of "Michael Kors" written on the interior lining vs. "MK" with the circle around it. Hope that makes sense. I go to the Gilroy outlets several times per year and their bags always seem to be 25% + 20 or 25% off depending on the sale. One time, they offered my MIL an additional 20% off with her AAA card. Have fun!
  7. I have been to the one in Sparks, Nevada and they had some beautifil bags but most were still $200-$250. They were just marking all sale bags down another 30% though! They also have some very nice watches but didnt look at the prices for those. I did end up leaving with two bags.
  8. i know the mff hamiltons have a square with mk written on it, vs the padlock hardware of the originals. im not so sure about the other styles though. i initially thought the bag was fake then someone kindly told me it was an mff style, lol!
  9. LOL!!
    Thanks for the info everyone. :smile: We never made it to the outlets--I foolishly tried to go shopping with my husband and we ended up at Costco and a motorcycle shop. Grrr!! My friend is coming to visit in a week or so, from out of state, so you can be sure that she and I will hit the outlet mall. ;)
  10. Looks like I need to make my way to the outlet. I have ben picking up MK clothes lately. :biggrin: