MK no returns?

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  1. I recieved a MK bag as a gift. It has the tags on it and everything, never used. I tried exchanging it in the store for something else and was told they absolutely don't do any exchanges without a reciept.

    I was so surprised, I didn't want money back I just wanted to change for a different style. I've never bought anything from MK before. Is this true for all stores, or have any of you had any luck exchanging without a reciept?
  2. its probabley because mk bags are sold at macy's, dillard's, bon ton, ect..... You don't have any proof that the bag came from a mk store and that may be the problem
  3. I can understand. I assumed that certain styles were only sold in certain places. This particular bag was on display at the store, so I thought it would be easy enough. If its their policy no big deal. I was just curious, I know in the stores I frequently shop it really depends on the store and SA you are dealing with. Thanks!
  4. Yes that's true about a week ago I bought an MK wallet from the MK store that had a light black line on the front of the wallet and I had to have the receipt to exchange it even though I just purchased it about a couple of days ago they need a receipt.

  5. If the bag was purchased on sale they typically won't do it but if purchase full price you certainly can exchange with out receipt . I've done it many times
  6. i was told by SA that they have to have receipt since mk is sold at other stores. they want to keep their inventory seperate. OP have you told the person who gave you the gift that you want to exchange it? That may help and maybe they can provide the receipt, no sense in having a bag that you arent 100% happy with good :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone! I was just curious since I'm not that familiar with Michael Kors. I'm just going to give the bag to my niece I'm sure she will love it.
  8. That's what I always do . I will regift it if I can't exchange/ return/ or don't use it or don't love
  9. I've exchanged many times at the MK boutique. Also, Macy's is very good about it. Store credit or even exchange for same bag. :tup:
  10. Thanks for the info! Maybe I will try Macy's.
  11. Our Macy's sucks they want receipt at all times.
  12. Returning can sometimes be a nightmare. I think I had the same dilemma a few years back where I had an MK from Macys but they had the color I wanted at the flagship MK store and they couldn't exchange. My best bet would be to just sell on eBay and get what you really want! :smile:
  13. If the bag had come from macys there should be a stamp on the tag that says macys. If there wasn't a tag on the bag when the person gave it to you I would just ask the person for the receipt.
  14. I've bought a lot from Mk store and the SA always said that it's final sale, no return no exchange
  15. Our MK will exchange or return for retail but not on the sales items their final sale.