MK Large Grayson...too large?

  1. I've been considering getting the Michael Kors large grayson (because I have a lot of stuff!:p) but having never seen it in person, my dilemma is the size.

    I am only 5'2...ladies who've purchased this size, exactly how big is too big?:lol:

  2. I'm 5'4" and I love large bags too! I don't think it is too big (the small would definitely be too small). I've wanted to get one too, but was a little hesitant and then I saw the MK Large Grommet Grayson. That one seems to be a bit smaller than the grayson leather and I think it's the perfect size. The Grommet Grayson is on sale at both Nordstrom and Macys.
    I think the MK Grayson is about the same size as an LV Speedy 30. Hope it helps!
  3. for me the large is too big and the small is too small. (5.6) I do like the simple boston style but double zippers make it work better
  4. I am expecting this to arrive tomorrow. I'll post pics when it arrives. I'm hoping it won't be too big for me. I bought mine from Bloomies at an amazing price!
    MK Grayson Vanilla Gold Grommet.jpg
  5. I'm so excited for you!! You're gonna love it! I have 2 of these (vanilla w/silver hardware and red w/gold hardware). It is such a pretty bag. The zipper is very smooth and it opens nice and wide so you can easily get to everything in your bag. It's very comfortable to carry too! It's a great size, not too big and not too small (like the other greysons). I find the longer strap to be too long in my opinion, if i'm wearing flats and carrying the bag in my hand, the strap will hit the floor, so I was thinking of taking it in to have it shortened, but haven't decided on that yet.
    Post pictures when it arrives, I'd love to see it (I haven't seen it with gold hardware before). Congrats!!!
  6. Thanks! I got it today! It is gorgeous! I was afraid that all of the hardware would be too much for me, but I love it. The gold hardware with the Vanilla is perfect. I'll post pics soon.
    And you are right the size is perfect! The strap is long, I think I will end up taking it off.
  7. I thought the same thing about all the hardware but love it and I've received several compliments on the bag (I've only carried the red one so far). I also took the longer strap of the bag. Can't wait for the pictures!!! :smile:
  8. The hardware makes the bag look super FIERCE!! It's HOT :heart:
  9. does anyone find that the belt buckles hook in cardigans or other clothing?