MK Jet Set Travel Tote - to buy or not to buy?

  1. Hi guys,
    I'm pretty new with the brand but absolutely love all his products. I recently got a wallet from Michael Kors and want to buy a nice bag with it.

    Now I am an Uni student, need to do my placement in a year and want a nice bag that is big enough for school and classy enough for work. Do you think I should get the bag or not? And if yes, which one? I like the black one because it's classy and matches everything, but my wallet is the same color as the bag...
    img-thing.jpeg Picture-7.png
  2. If you want a classic, last forever bag, I would get the black. I love the pink too - it would be a fun color!
  3. I agree. Black last longer as for as being able to wear at any time. But pink is definitely good for spring and summer. Cute bag
  4. I prefer the jet set style with the side pockets, but I like them all really! The black is more versatile and in the tote style you should be able to carry what you need with you. I would get it!
  5. the pink is so pretty, but i would start with a classic black. :smile:
  6. I love them both! But black is definitely more professional.
  7. They also have this one in brown, which is my favorite. And yeah, if you want something for school, the black one would be a better choice over the pink one.