MK Faux Fur Jacket

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  1. So I saw one in TJ Maxx today...fell in love with it..but for $100...wanted to ask for people's opinions first.

    It's white faux fur with a black stripe on the bottom, absolutely of those 3/4 sleeve ones. I felt a bit like a polar bear when I tried it on lol, but I really loved it.

    Does anyone have any experience with this one or maybe other faux fur coats from MK? Do they get dirty easily? When do you wear them? I'd love to hear your experiences. :graucho:
  2. Do you have any modelling pics of the jacket? Just curious to see what it looks like! :biggrin:
  3. No I don't :sad: I might go back to TJ tomorrow to see if I can get my hands on one lol. I'm trying to find pics of it online!
  4. Just as a follow up...was checking this one out

    almost bought it but saw the reviews..that the fur isn't so soft and it's kind of "stiff" ... the white one has suuuch soft fur. PROBLEMS IN LIFE!!!! lol. does anyone have the cheetah? is it stiff?
  5. OMG that Jacket is too die for and for that price...... I say get it! :graucho: I wish we had TJ Maxx here in Canada, unfortunately we only have Marshalls and Winners here in Canada, and the selection is very scarse for MK! If you LOVE it get it! ;)
  6. AHHH!! I know the price is SOOO good and I have a code to get an extra 10 bucks essentially it's 50 for this!!! But the reviews turned me off a bit, IDK if the fur is stiff or whatnot and it's no returns with this one...decisions decisions!!!! I'm also still dreaming about the white one in TJ maxx... that's a shame you guys don't have it in Canada :sad:
  7. I bought this MK Sweater Jacket last Christmas on sale from the MK Boutique for about $120 CDN. I love it and am actually gonna wear it today to a birthday party! Good luck on your decision, and if you do end up buying it I would love to see some modelling pics! :biggrin:

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  8. Omg that is suuuch a nice jacket, I'd never seen one like that before! You'll def be the most stylish person at the party lol, WORK IT :cool: And most definitely, if I get one of them there are gonna be some modeling pics up on this thread!!! :coolio:
  9. Thanks so much! It's one of my staple fall pieces! And it's a perfect to wear it for the first day of fall! :biggrin: Enjoy your weekend!
  10. Alright I've caved...on my way to TJ maxx to see if these all haven't been scooped up...will be back with modeling pics if I get it ahahaha!
  11. I'm back and I've got modeling pics! So happy I got this :sneaky:

    Ok so I went a little crazy with the pics...I'm kind of laughing at them now..but I hope you guys like lol. Was busy being fabulous :cool:

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  12. OMG I LOVE the jacket! Both you and the MK Hamilton look GORGEOUS! Congrats so glad you bought it! :biggrin:
  13. Love the jacket! I'm glad you caved and bought it!
  14. Omg thank you so much, you're too sweet lol :biggrin: Can't wait to get more pics with it lol, I have a feeling I'm gonna have some fun clubbing nights with this..haha :cool:
  15. Me too! I really agonized over it and everything lol.