MK Emblem

  1. I was wondering how Michael Kors fans felt about the big MK emblem on his purses. It's very eye-catching
  2. I really like a mix of leather and the monogram bags. I have a monogram hamilton under the tree right now.:smile::smile::smile:
  3. Does it have the giant MK?
  4. Do you mean the (often removable) little hanging circle? I'm not crazy about it tbh, i think it kind of takes away from the bag
  5. Yep, I would say large ones. I collect coach also with the monograms.:smile:
  6. I like the metal hangtag on some bags and not on others, but fortunately they are attached with a pice of leather and can be removed if you don't like them. It just depends on the style of the bag.
  7. I didn't know they can be removed. Thanks for telling me that. The Coach ones look nice, but on Michael Kors they look really tacky, they are so un-necessarily big and distracting, it really takes away from an otherwise nice luxury brand. Think of a man that is tall and handsome with a funny and nice personality except he wears a tshirt with a gigantic MK on him wherever he goes.

    If I was a chick I'd be bothered by it lol
  8. I agree that it is very distracting and takes away from the look of the bags. I just bought my first MK last week (a crossbody), and I removed it, it was almost as big as the bag!
  9. I bought my GF a couple of them and the first thing she always did was remove the detachable logo.
  10. I just double-checked mine and they are attached with a leather strip that is looped through on either end, so they can be removed without damaging the bag or the tag. As for how the tags look, this is a discussion had with almost any bag that comes with hangtags. Some people love them all; some people dislike and remove them all; others keep or remove them depending on the bag. The MK bag I am using now is large enough that I don't think the hangtag is distracting, but I also have a studded MK bag where I feel the hangtag provides too much metal for my taste. So it definitely depends on the bag for me.
  11. I've always removed the round MK Hangtag on the MMK bags.
  12. If I ever meet Michael Kors I'm going to tell him, "Hey, I'm going to start my own luxury brand with a giant F-U logo on it."

    I would do it.