MK - do they stand behind their products and general product info?

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  1. My collection of bags so far is mostly Coach and some MK. I really want to branch out a little more with MK but I need to learn more about the brand.

    If there is one thing that Coach is famous for it is standing behind it's product. I know if I buy a Coach bag and in 6 months or even a year it starts to have issues that are't related to normal wear and tear that they will take care of me. It really helps me decide to buy a bag knowing that level of customer service is there. And I've experienced that customer service first hand. I had a bag for about 6 months and the leather started peeling off the handles. They gave me a few options, but the one I accepted was 40% off any bag of my choice and I got to keep my defective bag. That is great customer service.

    On Saturday I bought an MK bag that I'm a little concerned about because it seems delicate (posted pics in another thread). If this bag does start to show defects in a few months, will it be "too bad, so sad" or will I be offered something - bag repair free of charge, store credit, etc. Does anyone have any personal experience with these sorts of issues?

    I have a call into the SA that sold me the bag regarding this - it will be a good test to see if she calls me back.

    I kind of wish MK had a more relaxed return policy - not sure if it's the same everywhere, but at my one and only store it's 10 days only for refund or exchange. I love Coach's open ended return policy. Well sometimes I curse it because you can get into a bit of a spiral with waiting to cut the tags off just in case you like something better in the next floorset.

    I actually bought a Hamilton satchel in black in July and haven't used it yet - it still has the tags on and is still sitting in the box in the dust bag. Now that I've seen the graphite one, I would actually like to exchange it for that one - with Coach this would be a no-brainer, and it kind of bugs me that I can't exchange it for another color - same bag, same price, I would just rather the graphite than the black. Sigh. I can see this getting on my nerves at times now that I am so used to Coach.

    Anyway - would love some feedback on MK post-sales customer service. THANKS!!
  2. This is from the Michael Kors website. I don't have personal experience but I was curious too....

    " MICHAEL KORS Collection Handbags
    Handbags are protected from the date of purchase by a one-year limited warranty (proof of purchase required). If the handbag proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use anytime within the first year, we will repair the item free of charge.

    Conditions and Exclusions
    The warranty does not cover damages arising from accidents or misuse, or from any alteration, service or repair performed by any other party other than Michael Kors.

    Contact 1-866-709-KORS or "
  3. Thanks - I'm kind of suprised no one replied with personal experience - doesn't give me the warm fuzzies.

    That warranty sound like a bunch of "corporate speak", kwim? It's always more telling to hear from people who've had issues and see how they've been resolved.

    Well hopefully someone with chime in.


    And I didn't get a call back from my SA - maybe she was off yesterday, so I'll see if I hear back today.

  4. this is funny that i came across this thread.. my friend has had MAJOR issues with MK. they are THE WORST when it comes to customer service. it's like.. once you buy it..good luck to you! she purchased a handbag and after having it less than a month the zipper broke. she wanted to exchange it for a new one but since she didn't have her receipt anymore they wouldn't do anything for her (and i've been in retail.. you can look these things up in the computer!) and also since she didn't have her proof of purchase they wouldn't send it to get fixed without charging her... that is NUTS. a few years ago i worked for the kate spade company if anyone had a problem with a bag/shoe/etc it could be 6 months old or 6 years old..they would still send it off to be repaired free of charge. to top the whole situation off.. she bought a MK watch and after a couple months of wearing it the pin fell out and the crystal cracked.. i will NEVER buy anyhing from that company especially one of his higher priced collection bags
  5. I use one of my two MK bags very often and have never had an issue. I can't help answer your question about customer service, but I do know my bags are great quality.
  6. I havent paid full price for either of my MK's, so I wont feel bad if something happens. I paid $50 and $60 for each of the two.

    If MK had my dream bag, I think I'd buy it from Nordies, cuz they have a great service as a store.

    IMO, mid-end (and high end) bags should have a Coach-like after sale service, but seems like quite a few need help in that dept, as MK does. Esp, lately it seems that many brands have some quality control issues (mass production?), i think they all need to stand behind their items. I'd hate to pay 100's of $ for something that may or may not crap out.
  7. Yep - I think Coach wins the prize for after-sales service.

    I called MK last night and spoke to the manager (I've worked with her before - nice, but a hard nut to crack). I said I wasn't sure I wanted to keep the dislpay model of the bag, that I'd rather have a fresh one (I'm in Canada, prices are higher here so it was $500 +13% tax!!). I explained to her that with Coach this is so easy - they just order in a new one. She explained that MK isn't a high volume manufacturer like Coach, and that it isn't as easy here to do that. I agree in some regard - MK is not nearly as prevalent in Canada as Coach is. She said for me to bring the bag in so we could both look it over, and that if ANYTHING happens within the first year they will take care of it by either replacing the bag or repairing it - whatever I want. Hmmmmmm, I wonder.

    Normally this wouldn't be that much of an issue for me. I have 2 other Kors that seem to be bulletproof, but this one is much more delicate so I have some concerns - esp. since as the display model it has been handled more.

    Anyway, I'll go in on Friday night and see how I feel about it all then. I am truly DYING to use this bag, I ADORE it. My DH thinks I'm being too picky - he looked it over (he's great at picking out flaws and sometimes finds things I've missed) and says it's in very good shape. I dunno, maybe he's right and I'm just being too anal. :nuts:

    I'm not at all with my Coach bags, I barely give them a second look when I buy them because their after sales service is so good, but with Kors, I'm not quite so comfortable.

  8. I wish I had an answer for you. I really like a lot of MK's bags, but I haven't had to really deal with customer service.

    The one thing that bugs me is their return policy. At my local store it is 21 days. They said you should know by then if you want it or not. I'm not really arguing that, but I don't live near my MK store and driving there isn't an every weekend kind of thing. I guess I was used to Coach's policy as well. Oh, and the MK I bought was on clearance for 30% off, so it was final sale. I ended up selling the bag in the end.
  9. 21 days - LUXURY!! My store is 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T-E-N!!!!

    Imagine that after dealing with Coach.
  10. There was a thread a while ago about receiving terrible customer service at the MK in Ottawa - I believe the OP was gabz. You might want to look up that thread.
  11. Thanks so much, I will do that right now, I remember Gabz!! THANKS!!!
  12. I know someone who ONLY buys MK and has never bought any other name...she has never had any issues with any of her fact when I was having problems with ALOT of my other bags, she told me to buy an MK b/c his QC is top notch. I would have to say I totally agree with this now b/c I have a python embossed MK that I use has been in the rain/etc and it still looks BRAND NEW. Not one stitch coming apart, no fraying/flaking/sealant showing or coming apart, etc. I couldnt say that about any Coach I have owned or any other brand I have owned. Maybe MK has a one year policy b/c his QC is top notch? I dont know,.....but I do know I have had MANY issues with alot of other bags, especially Coach. Coach really needs the return policy they have due to that. I had a metallic bag flake on me after one use!!!! and alot of sealant issues, and peeling leather corners with them as well....I was told I will not find that with MK. The 3 MK bags I have were bought full price, but I feel that it will all be OK b/c I believe in him!!!! In the end, if YOU love the bag, keep it! You will be fine! Bags are meant to be loved and enjoyed by us and if we cant do that with them, then what's the use in having them? I hope I helped a little :smile:
  13. First of all just let me say that I have 10 Coach bags and I only had issues with one of them and was given excellent customer service with Coach. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about them at all, so far they are my first love. I have 3 MK bags - 2 I know are bulletproof, this last one I'm not so sure about. I have no plans to return it, it's probably my favorite bag of anything I own right now, but I do think it will need to be babied a bit more than my other ones. I can handle that.

    Sadly there is a big difference between the product and the people you have to buy it from. I love the Kors product, and the SA I usually deal with is great. However, the manager at that store I'm less than impressed with. When I called her last night she kept knocking Coach and no matter what industry I'm dealing with - one way to make me walk away from it is to bash the competition. If I went to buy an Audi and they kept bashing BMW I would leave and not go back. If I went to buy an Apple product and they bashed Microsoft I would not buy from them. It seems to me to be a really sad way to have to sell your product.

    I guess in a way I feel like you are bashing me if you bash a product that I continue to buy.

    So while I love the MK product, I am not very enthusiastic about the people I have to buy it from right now.

  14. I know what you mean....when we do not have "nice" SA's it is very difficult to enjoy making our purchase, let alone buying anything from them! There are several dept stores that sell MK if you want to stay away from the boutique....I have bought MK bags and accessories in Macy's, Lord and Taylor, and Nordstroms and have had no problems! In fact if you purchase from Nordstroms online they have a live talk where you can ask questions etc and I found them to be VERY helpful!!! I asked ALOT of questions before I bought my new pair of sunnies that are on their way :yahoo:
    I am glad you have had no problems with Coach!!! That is VERY good to hear!!! Unfortunately I have had alot of problems with them as well as some other problems were so horrible that I almost said I was just going to buy a $40 bag and that's that....but I couldnt do it!!!
  15. I used to buy Coach, but stopped buying new for these reasons. I will only buy older styles.