MK Discontinuing Hamilton in Pebbled Leather?

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  1. I hope I haven't missed this discussion (I've avoided PF for a while--trying to avoid temptation!), but the SAs at my local MK boutique told me that the Hamilton is being discontinued in the pebbled leather. I'd been wondering why everyone seemed to be putting them on sale, even in the black and luggage colors. I went in and scooped up the last black/gold satchel they had. Is anyone else hearing this and will you miss the soft, squishy leather? I love the saffiano too, but I'm so disappointed!
  2. Anyone?
  3. Ahh no way!!! :faint: I love the E/W Hamilton in pebbled leather, I have it in black and luggage with gold hardware as well and I adore them. Where have you seen them on sale?
    I just love the smell and feel of pebbled leather, and I think the E/W is so cute with some slouch. Saffiano is so hard and it doesn't have the leather smell. I think the N/S looks good in saffiano but that bag is too big for my liking. I just don't like the E/W in saffiano... I don't know if it would grow on me.
  4. I haven't "heard" but it would make the sales at the FP stores, etc., make sense... I love the pebbled leather. Wonder what will take its place?
  5. I didn't see any in the FP store when I went on Friday. Just the newer canvas ones. It's still available and full price on the MK site for now. I'll be really disappointed if this is true... I may have to buy a back up in black w/gold hardware because I really love this bag lol
  6. They've been on sale at Zappos, Lord & Taylor, Macy's and Bloomie's (that I've seen, anyway). My MK store (Providence) has the tote and satchel in black, luggage and vanilla for 25% off. I so agree about the heavenly smell and feel of the pebbled leather! I have the E/W in saffiano and love it, too, but I agree with you about the tote. I love the size, but not the look or feel. Even my MK SA was bummed about discontinuing the soft leather; she says they've had a lot of issues with creasing in the saffiano.
  7. All I can say is that the MK SA said she feels that Kors seems to be heading in a new direction, but she hopes that the pebbled leather Hammie is brought back.
  8. I, too, am confused that the pebbled leather Hammie is still available at full price on the MK site. I was planning to sell my tangerine satchel to help pay for the black one I just bought (my fav summer bag is my lime Hammie and I feel I don't need both), but now I'm reconsidering, since I also don't like the changes to the closure MK has made to the Hamilton. At first I thought it was an improvement but, after seeing it, I think it leaves the contents of the bag too exposed. So I'm wondering if it might be wise to hang onto any pebbled leather Hammie with the original closure.
  9. Thanks, I'll be on the look out for a deal just in case. I'm so bummed!
  10. I wonder if it'll go on sale eventually... I also prefer the original closure, which is another reason why I can't see myself getting a Hamilton in saffiano. I know it's leather but it might as well be PVC or something, it's so hard and doesn't smell like anything. If I were you, I'd probably hang on to the pebbled leather just in case they're harder to find in the future.
  11. I don't know if I like this direction... The pebbled leather Hamilton is a classic bag.
  12. I think it is true. I emailed the closest Holt Renfrew to me about the small pebbled Hamilton and this was the response:

    Dear Alisha,

    We currently only carry the saffiano leather in both sizes. The slouchy leather will be discontinued and we only have the large size I'm black and brown at the store. Let me know if you have any other questions!


  13. I don't like the new closure on Hamilton either. I'm so glad I got black soft leather with silver hardware ns Hamilton before it was too late.
  14. You may have just convinced me to keep what I have. Thanks for supporting my obsession!
  15. I originally called my MK store to see if they had the navy satchel with the original closure on sale . The SA who answered that question told me that only the Hamilton Specchios had the new closure, which is not true. I wish I'd asked the SA who helped me with my purchase later, because she seemed very knowledgeable. The navy saffiano totes they had in stock did have the original closure, though. They did not have any navy satchels. Also, the second SA said that stock at various MK vendors can be quite different.