MK Cynthia Medium Satchel Questions

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  1. Hello :smile:

    So, today my boyfriend and I went on a date downtown and stopped in a couple stores just to peek. We checked out MK and I was mostly looking at the smaller bags but I happened to spot the Cynthia satchel in medium and I pretty much drooled. So did my bf! He actually took his eyes off his phone and said "That one is very nice" then went back to looking at his phone, so that's a good sign I think ;).

    Question #1
    I saw a black one with gold hardware, white with gold hardware, and a logo version with ROSE GOLD! I looove the rose gold hardware. I was wondering if anyone knows if the Cynthia satchel comes in rose gold hardware in any solid colors? I don't want the logo everywhere.

    Question #2
    Does anyone know if this bag gets heavy when things are put in it? I don't like big bags at all.. but I might be willing to make an exception. Also, does this bag have a comfortable cross body strap? A comfy cross body strap is a must for me! My MK bag has the most uncomfortable strap ever.

    Question #3
    Kind of off-topic, but I heard that the logo versions are PVC? I don't really like the logo versions anyway but I would maybe like the white logo on a tiny cross body.

    Sorry for all the questions :P pictures are welcome! I'd love to see your bag if you have one!
  2. I actually uses to work for mk...the logo versions are PVC...they do come in solid colors with the rose gold hardware but he mainly does rose gold around the holidays so it might be hard to find has a long adjustable crossbody strap whoch is comfortable but if u put too mich stuff in your bag it cud feel heavy in the crOssbody position....hope that ansers all ur questions!
  3. I saw a rose gold with logo version in store the night I posted this! It was very pretty but almost too much with the logo. It was a bit too busy looking. Do you know if the PVC is still good quality? I'm debating getting a really small cross body later on in the PVC.

    Thank you for all the info, I appreciate it :smile:
  4. The pvc is great quality it holds up very well its the same material as LV, MK gets it from the same factory as them!...i agree with u personally i feel the signature is too busy on the cynthia but wud be great in a crossbody!! :smile:
  5. Really?! Wow. That makes me feel better about it haha. Is their leather from the same manufacturer? I've heard the pvc is easy to clean also? Can it get wet and not be ruined? I live in Vancouver, BC Canada where it rains all the time.

    Yeah, logos usually aren't my thing but MK does it well. I was thinking this bag would look nice in the logo:
  6. Different leathers are made in different factories...yes the pvc isucj easier to clean and its water resistant so it will hold up better in the rain then leather but u always wana be careful!...also if you get the vanilla color be careful when wearing with jeans because ink from denim permanently stains....i love that bag in signature its really cute!!!! :smile:)
  7. Hmm, good to know. I think maybe if I decide to get the Cynthia satchel then I'll get it in leather as the price doesn't vary too much between leather and pvc in that style. I'd like a logo version in a small cross body like the one I linked above :smile: I think that bag looks so cute in logo too.