MK & Ash Olsen's clothing line

  1. It's called The Row. The only place I've found it available online so far is from Browns. I love the pieces! Simple t's in basic colours, but i was shocked when i saw the prices! :wtf: $350 for a modal t? That's insane! I could understand like, $150, which I would pay, but definitely NOT $350!!
  2. in the store? I didn't see it online there
  3. is it just ashley's?

    that's what i'm getting from google...

    can't find pieces though :sad:
  4. yeah i saw in a mag recently- $195 for a simple, VERY thin grey tank top?!?! wow, who do they think is gonna pay those kinds of prices?! lol
  5. Only people with more money than sense would pay those prices!
  6. i wouldn't pay that much for a legitimate designer, so why would i pay for that from a child celebrity that usually looks like crap herself these days?
  7. i dont think anyone, other than celebrities that try to immulate their style, would buy those clothes. it's like paula thomas trying to sell her TW jeans for $450...wth??! it pisses me off...
  8. Wait, isn't that Stella McCartney?
  9. stella mccartney?
  10. I certainly wouldn't pay that much for their clothes. I probably can't even fit into them anyway LOL. I love MK's style but it's faaaar from what my body shape will ever let me wear well. Thus, not a customer here.
  11. High prices and cheap fabric....
  12. I think I read from Vogue that they use a french seam technique for their clothes which is a common technique using in many coutures. I like how simply the pieces are but I don't like the price. I wouldn't spend that much money on a t-shirt.
  13. cute tees, but the price is insane, i could get a vintage tees with the same feeling for 50cents LOL