MJ's the Tina Satchel in white leather!

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  1. I went to Eluxury just while ago and saw the new collection from MJ and I fall in love with the Tina, the white satchel in soft calf leather. OMG!! it just simply beautiful :love: :love: and that just what I needed for my spring and summer bag!! And I was ready to order it right at the moment and very disappointed when only black and linen that are available online??? Aghhh..Why??? :nuts: :nuts: .

    Has anyone here seen this bag in somewhere else? It's said in there that's A list Spring and Summer Collections.

    I thought I let you know. And here is the pic I got from Eluxury. Isn't that just simply beautiful satchel?

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  2. Great bag! Looks great for summer/spring.
  3. Check Neiman's and Bergdorf's. They both have a lot of MJ bags right now.
  4. Sweetea,

    Great news--the "linen" is actually the white bag pictured on eLuxury. I saw the linen color at the MJ store in SF and it's a lovely shade of white--definitely not ivory but not a stark white. You can verify this at www.marcjacobs.com.

    I always wonder why designers have to be so creative with color names--it can be so confusing!
  5. Thanks so much valerieb! for the clarification! I feel silly now..lol :lol: :lol:. I never thought linen is actually the colour of this bag! Although I thought it kind of strange that isn't a linen at this time will be little bit too earlier to be available for summer bag?? :lol: :lol: :lol: .

    I wanted see in person and see how I like really this bag. I am thinking maybe I can wait until NM, or Saks have it instead ordering it from MJ, Eluxury or Bergdorf's. Hopefuly this weekend they are all going to be there. ;)
  6. I think it's gorgous, Sweetea. Love it!!!
  7. Thanks Greenie! and Pseub! I thought so too. I went to MJ's website valerieb sent from the above and checked some of them out and well actually there are more bags in there that I like beside the satchel one. There is one (I don't recall the name) it is like the boston bag in gucci but mj has shinny quilted leather in it, and it looks like also a shoulder bag cuz the straps are longer than just a satchel bag has. And oh..it is a beauty too! I wish I could see all of them right now..in front me! And I am late for work again..:nuts: :nuts: . Got to go ..go to goooo..
  8. That is beautiful. I would love to run my hands over it.
  9. I like that. Very nice bag especially for Spring. :P
  10. It's cute...looks like the venetia minus the pockets!
  11. Great-looking bag for summer! Go get it, Sweetea!!!
  12. That is a great looking bag!
  13. I know...but I think I am going to wait until I see it in person this weekend. Hopefuly NM or Saks have them already.

    And..my heart also has been captured by the Spy..I keep thinking I need to get another spy and I am waiting for the gold spy to come too!! Probably in Feb. The SA will let me know when they arrive. :love:

    Time seems so slow when you are waiting to see something you wanted so badly:oh: :oh: .
  14. Hi Sweetea,

    I agree with everyone else -- this is a great looking white bag :smile:...You mentioned you will get another spy? What color is your first spy! Do share a pic please :biggrin:
  15. It's cute, but I'm somewhat angry at Marc for being so uncreative. Here's the Suhali L'ingenieux PM.