MJ's New Blondie Bag!

  1. Elux now has it up on their site - the Medium size. :nuts: The Large is I believe $2250

    Isn't it gorgeous?! I want one :shame:
  2. That's the bag I saw at Nordies! I fell in love with it, but I can't see myself untying that bow everytime I want to get into it.
  3. Good point! I wonder if it would look tacky if we left the bow untied :shrugs:
  4. i love it.. Very roomy!
  5. My SA untied it and flapped the leather pieces across the bag and it just loses something like that. It's just not the same IMO.
  6. Oh poo! Thanks for the input elongreach! ;)
  7. I saw the bag at my Nordy's too. I didn't think it was very attractive--I think with the chain, studs and bow too much was going on.

    I saw the Tie Tasha--that bag looked much nicer--but it's a BIG bag!

  8. ^^ You're right, I think they could have gone without the studs on the ties. I seen the Large size last week but still waiting to hear from my SA to see the Medium size.
  9. Im not sure if I love this.