MJ Zoe vs. LV Galliera

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  1. Do you think the new LV galliera looks like the older MJ Zoe? Is Marc recycling his designs again? The pictures are from the reference libraries here on TPF.

    zoehobo.jpg galliera.jpg
  2. It looks like a pretty classic shape to me...So, I'm going to say no.:tdown:

    Editing to say, it may be feasible that looks are recycled...Which is why we have the term trickle down. But, like I said, that's a classic hobo style shape, which can be seen in one way or another from every major designer. I love that LV bag by the way, yum!
  3. Even if it is recycled, it's got a more modernized look to it... I like the LV design.
  4. Love that LV!
  5. Luv the LV also! :love:
  6. Okay, I was kinda hoping y'all would say that the shapes were too similar. I am really liking this LV and I already have the Zoe (and so many other MJ bags). Now, I need to go check it out IRL. Thanks, for enabling me! :graucho:
  7. HAHA, well they are both gorgeous!
  8. I guess a hobo is pretty common (Coach also made a clip hobo like the MJ)...but I really like the Galliera over the MJ in this case. :smile:
  9. Yep, definitely lovin that Galliera..I think I need one. Hmm....
  10. That LV is beautiful :love:

  11. Love the LV - I don't think they're really that much alike - go for it!
  12. i love the shape of the galliera too. very classic. i could've done without the gold nameplate though. i think people would've caught on that it was an lv bag without it. ;)
  13. :lol: What would've given it away?:shrugs:

    Seriously though, I am not a fan of the nameplate on the newer LV. It's a little too "blingy" for me. Though, I love this shape so much, so that I'd probably get over it. :P
  14. I think you do too!!!!!:woohoo:

  15. Well if you say so, I definitely do. Who am I to question an expert?:shrugs: