MJ zipper pull repair?

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  1. My good friend's small multipocket bag lost its zipper pull today, and unfortunately it looks like it went missing for good. Does MJ do bag repair, or have a recommended place that does it? Even if she could just get a new zipper pull, that would be a big help.

    Any info is most appreciated -- thanks in advance!
  2. I think you might be able to have an MJ boutique send the bag out for repair, but it might cost you. You could always call and ask...
  3. That's a good question. I gave my mom my black Stella and she broke the zipper. Please update us when you get an answer because I'd love to know how to fix it too. :yes:
  4. I asked my SA about missing zipper pulls. Marc Jacobs boutiques have replacement parts, they often don't charge fees for them; most of them can just be replaced in the stores. In the case where they don't have the needed parts, they will send the item out for repair.

    Please note that I can only share with you what I know & my experience with my SA since I buy my bags from her store. I am not sure if other boutiques would offer the same service if your item was purchased elsewhere, just call your local Marc Jacobs boutique and inquire. Goodl uck. =)
  5. give your local MJ boutique a call, I'm sure they'll try to help or recommend someone that can. I think they might have to send it out. I believe someone here had this issue before and MJ sent out the bag and got it fixed for them.

    Good luck!
  6. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the fast response!
  7. Make sure you keep the receipt of your purchase. With Marc Jacobs boutique, your order history is stored in their system.

    Most stores don't send the item out for repair for you unless there's proof that the item was purchased from their store. Without proof, (most likely) they would only recommend a local repair shop where they send their stuffs to; you would have to take your item there yourself.
  8. Hello:

    I'm the gal who had the MJ zipper pull go missing (Hi, MHarvey816!) and the problem's been solved. I got the bag as a gift and knew it had been purchased at Nordstrom but I didn't have the receipt, nor did my gifter. I took a shot at going to the closest Nordies - fortunately I have one near my office - and explaining what happened and they're sending it to the MJ repair facility in NJ.

    LVShoeFan2, you might see if your local Nordies will be willing to help you get it repaired. The SA I talked to today was *wonderful*. She even explained that if the bag hadn't been bought there in the first place, they would still have put me in touch with MJ for the repairs. Wise answer, she knew she'd get a new and loyal customer if she took care of it. I told my friends I would report back on how helpful she was. So I am :cool:

    I'd wanted the black multipocket forever and mine has the silver hardware which I like alot more than the new gold so I'm thrilled it could be repaired. Also, the SA said the silver hardware's getting harder to find. What's more it'll only take a couple of weeks, I was expecting it to take twice as long.

    - Vicki
  9. That's great news! I'm glad you were able to find someone to help you out. :smile:
  10. Has anyone ever contacted repairs@marcjacobs.com?

    A thread in purseforum indicated that you could get help from them

    I emailed and got a response asking for the description of the purse. I replied but never heard from them again or received the replacement part, waited for almost a month.
  11. E-mail them again. They sometimes get behind/busy and don't respond.
  12. I've had something similar happen to me. I e-mail repairs (and spoke with Deigo) about getting some replacement screws for my Hillier Hobo sent to me. He asked for my address and phone number, which I e-mail him back with...but now I have not heard anything for 3 weeks. I've e-mailed both repairs and Diego to check that they got my original e-mail with my address, but still have no heard back.
    I don't mind if it takes time...it's just that I have no idea what's going on now, if they have even sent out the screws or what?