MJ Zip Clutch

  1. I am extremely interested in purchasing a zip clutch but am still holding out for one on sale. Are there any on sale right now? If not, when do they usually go on sale? TIA
  2. Zip clutches are one of the first items to sell out during a sale. I am not aware of any store that has them discounted right now. I think your best bet in the short term is to wait for a F&F event where you can receive up to 20% off the retail price. Good luck!
  3. That's what I'm waiting for, an F&F... hurry up already!!

  4. AMEN!!!
  5. What % are FF's usually? How much does a zipclutch usually end up costing?
  6. The zip clutch is regularly $395. F&F events usually offer 20% off. Therefore, the zip clutch would be $316 before tax and/or shipping.
  7. What about xmas time? would it go on sale during xmas time?
  8. They had a quilted zip clutch on sale at Macys in Chicago on State Street about two or three weeks ago...might be worth it to check to see if they still have it?

  9. I tried, it's like pulling teeth trying to explain to them what a zip clutch is. At first, he's all, yes, we have it, i got really excited until he said something about the original price was 2xx. Drove me nuts.