MJ zip clutch

  1. I just ordered the MJ zip clutch per someone's suggestion that it was on sale at Macy's. I got it for $250 in the bisque quilted style. However, I am seriously having buyer's remorse. Was it worth it? I am going to use it as a wallet and can always return it at my local macy's. I just somehow got into my head that I needed a new wallet bec. I only have one black Kate Spade Continental wallet that I've been using for the past 5 years.

    Should I keep or return?
  2. i say keep it!! it is prob. the best wallet i have ever had!
  3. ditto that, I love my MJ ZCs! Durable and elegant, but holds a lot!
  4. keep it..you will lovee it :smile:
  5. I have a ton of wallets, and always come back to the ZCs. I honestly think that these are the best deal when it comes to MJ. I use mine every day, it gets more wear than my bags, and it is incredibly durable.

    I think once it arrives and you have a chance to see how roomy, organized, and gorgeous she is, you'll want to keep her. BTW, you got her for a great price. I never find these on sale!
  6. EXCELLENT quality and truly practical~! As u might think the price might be a bit steep, believe me, for $250, the MJ Zip Clutch is a STEAL~! (If I could only find a great deal like that)!

    If u've been using the KS wallet for 5 years, with the MJ quality in his bags and accessories, u might be using ur zip clutch for more than 5 years, believe it or not! :yes:

    But again, what's the point of having something u don't feel comfortable in the 1st place. However, I truly believe the more u use it, the more u will want to keep it! All the best in your decision!
  7. Keep it! I got one off eBay, slightly used, for MORE than you paid Macy's for a new one, and I feel I got a good deal. It was a gift for d-i-l, and she has said repeatedly how much she loves it and how many compliments she's received. she uses it all the time as a wallet in a larger purse or a clutch by itself.

    You got a great deal on a classic design MJ.
  8. KEEP IT!!!! I have two zc's and would buy another one if I could find it in red..It's the best wallet...seriously!!! It keeps all my stuff organized...I just love them!!!
  9. I just bite the bullet and bought the ZC in petrol and adore it, it's the best wallet I've ever owned.
  10. double post, sorry!
  11. That's a wonderful price for a ZC! I just bought one last month in plum and am already hankering for another one in a more neutral color. It's perfect for taking to the office in a bigger bag and then just taking the ZC out to lunch or to run errands. I love how much it holds and how organized it keeps my coins, cash, receipts, and cards. It's almost perfect!
  12. I think you should keep it. I get tons of use out of my zip clutch.

    I use it as my everyday wallet and if I am going out and need a smaller purse I just put my cell phone and compact in the wallet and voila! its a clutch purse.
  13. Thanks everyone. I just got mine today and don't know how I feel about the wallet color. It's the color of banana pudding or something..very odd. I have attached pictures ....What are everyone's thoughts?
  14. I think it looks really cute and it's such a steal, I'm so jealous, I was traveling in Singapore and couldn't figure out the time diff to call and order. However, if it's not a colour you like, return it, you can always wait for a colour you like and it will go on sale. I am patiently waiting for a black, pearl or the new grey. :smile:
  15. OMG... I love it!! It's looks like a great neutral color.