MJ Zip Clutch or MBMJ Softy Zip Clutch

  1. Hi

    I've been browsing through all the threads to look at MJ wallets and decided that I really like the Zip Clutch. The one from MBMJ line, Softy Zip Clutch, is more affordable. I like the one from MJ line too but it's more than double the price. If you've seen both, can you do a comparison for me? Is the Softy Zip Clutch just as good?

  2. Go for the collection Zip Clutch.. in the MJ sale thread there's a discount for a zip clutch bringing it up to just short of $300. That's a good deal!!
  3. i own and really like both clutches for different reasons. here's a breakdown for you:

    mbmj softy zip clutch
    pros: soft leather, pretty paisley patterned lining, good price, many compartments including an interior zip pocket, which the mj zc does not have, and two front pockets: one snap button and the other zip. the front zip pocket is excellent for holding change.
    cons: it is a more casual looking wallet and not as aesthetically pleasing when compared to the mj zc.

    mj zip clutch
    pros: it's a beautiful wallet, has the same number of compartments as the mbmj version, depending on which season the clutch is from, the interior is lined in suede or satin, more variety colorwise, and, of course, the signature mj pushlocks on the front. overall, it's a classic style that you'll be able to use it for quite sometime, so it might be worth the investment in the long run. plus, as thithi said, it's one sale at thepursestore.com right now.
    cons: it's expensive ($395 for regular and $495 for the quilted style). also, since the front pockets don't extend out as much as the ones on the mbmj softy zc does, it's not as conducive to holding change.

    hope that helps!

  4. Yeah, those little pockets are sort of useless... I don't put anything in there except an emergency contact lens. I use the exterior zip pocket to hold my change. I still love it though!
  5. I just got the zip clutch in "peanut" with gold. It's fantastic looking....good enough to stand alone! The little pockets are perfect for tiny tape-measurers and little thread cutters (according to Bag-Addict) and also for those little notes I write myself. I managed to consolidate three other zip-bags into one with this gorgeous clutch. Go for the MJ. You will not regret it!
  6. Thanks everyone for your responses. I heard that the MJ Zip clutch is heavier than the MBMJ Softy Zip Clutch. Is that true?

    tadpolenyc, since you have both, maybe you can help to see if the weight difference is major.

    mushroom, what color is peanut? I'm guessing tan of some sort? I would love to see pics if you have it. I was planning to get black since I'm kinda boring that way :smile:
  7. Peanut is sort of a rich warm medium brown and looks fantastic with the gold hardware. Sorry, no pictures...I'm technologically challenged.
  8. nth-ing that the little pockets in front of the softy are kind of useless. I ended up putting kleenex in there (plus it helps keeps it's shape :-P).

    as a college student, though, i don't regret choosing the softy over the mj zip clutch. the softy is cute and casual and more affordable.
  9. I don't own the Softy, but I do own the ZC. I ADORE the ZC and have used it almost everyday since acquiring it. I love how sophisticated it looks (I have a quilted plum one) and how much it holds without looking bulky. It's a great wallet and a great stand alone clutch. I also use the exterior zip pocket to hold change. Quite a few things go into the pushlock pockets, I've got fortune-cookie fortunes, lucky pennies, hairbands, bobby pins, and safety pins! The weight of the wallet doesn't bother me much at all. I have LV wallets that weigh more and don't look nearly as good.
  10. the zc is heavier than the softy because of the hardware, but it's really not something that would affect everyday usage. honestly, i cram so much into my softy zc with all the change i carry around and my checkbook that it ends up being just as heavy as the zc anyway.
  11. In the end, you have to ask yourself which clutch will make you happier? slightly shallow, perhaps but i knew that when i saw the mj zip clutch for the first time I was in love with it and no matter what other ones i looked at they just couldn't compare. You only live once so try and live without any regrets :smile:
  12. Thanks again, everyone. I'm going to go look at them IRL today and decide.

    Starlet89, you made a very good point about which clutch makes me "happier". I instantly fell in love with MJ zip clutch but the price scared me away. So when I found MBMJ Softy Zip, I thought it was a good alternative. I've been trying to find reasons NOT to buy the MJ ZC but so far I haven't been too successful :smile:
  13. If you had some extra earrings, a lucky penny, or anything fairly small and flat the miniature pockets work great. At an art/hobby store, I found a tiny little retractable utility knife. Its about the size of a quarter, but a little thicker. I put that in one of my zip clutch's pockets, and find that I use it all the time, now that I know exactly where it will be in my purse.
  14. Zip clutch is so classy. I just got it in the quilted grey and i am in love.
  15. I love my ZC, it's the best wallet I've ever owned