MJ Zip Clutch in Mouse, is it shiny or same as handbag texture?

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  1. Hi MJ lovers,

    1st time posting in a long~~time. I loved the mouse color on the handbags I saw pictures of. And it seemed like smooth leather texture. I went ahead and ordered a Mouse zip clutch that recently popped up on Eluxury.com but upon close inspection, it seems like from their description and picture that the Mouse zip clutch is sort of patented/shiny leather which would be different from the handbag Mouse. Has anyone seen the Mouse zip clutch in person and know what it looks like? I'm actually hoping that it's the same Mouse as the handbags and not the shiny leather texture. TIA!

    Oh, here's the link to the one I'm talking about:

    eLUXURY - Marc Jacobs Collection - Quilted Zip Clutch
  2. Yeah, the quilted clutches are the same as the Ursula bags. Shiny, soft patent leather. Not sure if they're also goatskin. My Cola quilted clutch is just as shiny and wrinkly as my Moss bowler.
  3. I believe Eluxury's description is wrong, Mouse & Whiskey are colors for Fall 2005's (Non-Patent) Quilted Leather line. Last season's Ursula (patent leather) Quilted colors included Black, Cola, Blush, Chalk, Midnight, Moss, and Lobster.
  4. Thanks for the quick replies, bag.lover and Kezza:

    bag.lover, I thought the same too...that the Fall '06 Mouse was non-patented leather line just like the handbags for the Mouse color. I just assumed that Eluxury.com just mistakenly took the Ursula Quilted Zip Clutch description and used it for the Mouse and Whiskey. What confuses me is the picture of the Mouse and Whiskely though. It does seem a bit shiny and crinkled in the Elux pictures and there's no zoom function to see the leather carefully.

    I wonder if anyone's seen the Mouse clutch IRL and know what it's like. I'd think it'd be weird for MJ to make a different textured Mouse versions for the bags vs. the clutches for the same season.