MJ Zip Clutch - eBay offer

  1. I also posted this on the eBay forum but I think you guys are more familiar with MJ. A seller has relisted an MJ zip clutch twice and is about to relist a 3rd time but may consider an offer. For the 3rd relist she will be bringing the starting price down to $199 from $249.99. I don't know what I should offer, maybe $199 or perhaps a little higher? It's an authentic zc with some distressing from storage but never used and minor scratches on the hardware. Retail is $395. What do you think?
  2. What color is it? Does it have gold or silver hardware? Are you sure it is authentic?
  3. Melly, it is black with gold hardware. The style # is from Fall '06, black calf skin with grey stitching. I believe it to be authentic and is guaranteed to be by the seller.
  4. I LOVE my MJ Clutch, and it's the only wallet I use. Unless this is a color you are dying for and need it NOW, the price is OK. Saks every season has a 30% friends and family sale that includes the MJ Clutches.
    I happened to get mine at a Bloomingdales 40% sale a little less than a year ago.
    Eluxury also periodically has their clutches on sale, and they sell out quick.
    PLUS, if you figure in shipping, $199+ shipping= almost the same price as a new one on sale.
    Good luck!
  5. This style from Fall 06 is what I have been searching for and in the color black. It is the same stitching as my MP I purchase last Nov Saks FF. This style is completely sold out in all MJ stores and all other retail stores I have tried.
  6. I don't have any knowledge of the seller or the specific tem, but if authenticity isn't an issue - then I think a price of $200 is pretty fair for something that will definately match. -Especially if the boutique isn't carrying.