MJ yellows

  1. hi ladies. i've been thinking of getting a yellow bag and wondering if you can help me out. i am not too familiar with the MJ yellow calfskin shades IRL. i know want either a elise or blake. I know there was a butter, honey, marigold, and canary. are there more that i am missing?

    -Can you please describe each of the colors for me as well the color/material of the interior and hardware (for authentication purposes)? If you got pics of exterior, that would be awesome!
    -Also, can you list these from lightest to darkest?
    -also which one(s) do you think are versatile (wardrobe friendly)?

    wow, that's all i think. thank you in advance for your help!!! :tup:

  2. Lightest to darkest: Butterscotch/Butter, Acid Yellow, Chartreuse, Marigold, Canary Yellow.

    MJ Blake in Marigold


    MbMJ Slyvie in Butter

    LE Sophia in Butterscotch

    MJ Elise in Canary Yellow

    MJ Zip Clutch in Canary Yellow (may differ above b/c flash was not used)

    MJ Zip Clutch in Chartreuse


    MbMJ Totally Turnlock Bowler
  3. There was also a "natural" that was slightly yellow but more of a pale offwhite/beige
  4. Have you checked the leather variations thread in the MJ reference forum? If you open the thread and use the "search thread" option for "yellow," all the yellow combinations will appear and have descriptions of interior, hardware, etc.

    I think tapioca appears a bit yellow as well:
    9e52_12.JPG dsp_dsc05098.jpg
  5. Butter
    Img3036.jpg Img3041.jpg
  6. Canary(brown suede as seen in the ZC)
    700f_3.JPG 07d8_1.JPG
  7. This is actually Chartreuse - has light grey suede

  8. older colors include marigold, curry, and sunshine.
  9. don't forget acid yellow!
  10. Interior of Chartreuse ZC:


  11. I always thought my large MP was merigold, but after looking at these i think it might be canary yellow? I guess I should have paid more attention!

    Anyway - I love love love the color. It goes so great with everything and can really be used year round. It's rich enough to use in the winter, but bright enough to use in the summer.
  12. I have a marigold tessa. I love the richness of the yellow. It's not to bright or too dull looking, just a soft color. I wear it year round, it brings pop to plain outfit.

  13. :girlsigh:All those pictures remind me how much I want a yellow MJ! If anyone sees a yellow Venetia or MP please let me know!!