MJ Watch Necklace on sale?

  1. I have been reading some posts where members are finding the necklace watches on sale. Can anyone tell me where and how much? I would love to have one!:heart:
  2. I heard that Nordstrom Rack had some.... I was at mine today and didn't see any, but they must be out there somewhere!
  3. I saw a few white star necklace watches at Nordstrom Rack in Westbury, NY. I think they're $60.00.
  4. I saw the white star necklace at NR Colma (SF) a couple of weeks ago for about $54 or $57.
  5. Ok, thanks a bunch ladies!:flowers:
    I will call today. I am sure they will do a Charge Send...
    I think they are adorable.:yes:
  6. They also had about 3 at the NR in Dulles, VA on Tuesday. I think the price was 67? Very cute!!
  7. also Nordstroms rack in oxnard california...they had at least 6 when i was in there...$50 some odd dollars...i wanna say $59...
  8. Did they only have them in white or do the NR's have them in any other color?
  9. i asked and the only color i saw was the white. i originally was going to get silver, but i figure it i ever want another color, i can just spray paint this puppy...
  10. When were you there. I totally forgot to look for them today.. Maybe i'll run back over there it isn't that far from the house.
  11. i always wanted the apple watch necklace, it's so cute! i bet you ladies didn't see any of those...or the pear..
  12. I totally just scored one. I have the apple one and wear it quite a lot. I am super stoked that they had the white one it more neutral i can wear it with almost everything..
  13. Dang it! I gotta keep looking. My NR sucks, it's always picked over. I'm gonna have to take a road trip.
  14. The apple watch is so darling, I really want one!!
  15. they had 4 of them last weekend in colma, ca


    i bought one... they may still have some. CHECK! ^_^

    PS it was $59