MJ "Washed Pink" Color???

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering what you all think of "washed pink". I haven't seen the color IRL, but understand that it is a very light pink.

    For those of you who are familiar with this color, is it nice? How do you think it would look on the Stella? I'm debating purchasing one sight unseen, but have to know what the color looks like.

    Thanks bunches!
  2. I forgot to mention- the color on my computer monitor is all messed up (screen is having major problems), so it's hard for me to judge colors online. I know thithi had posted a link to a washed pink stella on eBay previously, but it's hard for me to judge if what I'm seeing is a true color b/c of the color problems I'm having with my monitor.

  3. Its not super washed out pale, just a perfect pale pink. Classic pink bag, I am having a hard time not getting one myself.
  4. But is the interior really orange? - That seems like an odd combination to me - or maybe looks like a grapefrult:idea:
  5. "But is the interior really orange? "

    Hmmm trying to recall, I just saw it this weekend. It was more of a pomegranate color I thought.
  6. thanks, gooddog!

    I don't know that I'd get a lot of use out of a pink bag, but I've always wanted one. If the pink was too bright, I definitely would have to pass, but now that you've confirmed it's on the "pale" side, I am seriously considering it.

    By "perfect pale pink", would you say it is more on the neutral side and would match a lot of things? the primary colors I wear are black and white (boring! I know!! heehee).

    The SA I spoke with mentioned that the interior of the bag is a "reddish" color - not sure if there are different color interiors on the washed pink stella? (I remember people saying that some stellas have suede interior and some have canvas...)
  7. The ones I saw had a suede reddish pomegraniteish interior. I would say that it would go with anything I wear which is blue jeans, brown or black. Its slightly more pink than I would design in my perfect concept which would be a barely pink really washed out color but still really pale. Its strong enough to have impact but still light and not too medium to be dull. I would carry it. I may buy it depending on how many students I can book for a class this week!
  8. I did a search of "washed pink" and I found a lot of entries talking about a "washed rose" color. Does anyone know if this is the same color? Or are they different?
  9. yeppun...sounds like you are going to make a trip to our local NR? I'm considering the washed pink stella myself. :graucho:
  10. washed rose and washed pink are two different colors. washed rose resembles more of a nude pink, whereas washed pink is a pale pink color.
  11. [​IMG]

    washed rose on the left.
  12. I just bought a washed pink stella and really like it. I really only own black purses since that's the color I wear the most of, but I really like the pink color. It's very subtle, but still pink. The inside is red, I guess a slightly orange red, but it is not an unattractive combination.
  13. Very cute bag they have some at my NR right now. Its a very light pink and the interior is definately red but blends well with the color of the bag. You might want to try and see IT first though because Nordies rack does not take returns on MJ.