mj wallet

  1. ok so i dont know the name of this wallet.. but its the mj one with 2 little pockets in the front.. some are quilted



    I will not pay over 400.. I am so mad i saw them once in Barneys for 280 and didnt buy it!!!

    does anyone know where they are on sale?

    thanks :heart:
  2. are you talking about the ZCs?
  3. yep!!

    but there are 2 kinds.. quilted and non quilted// (i think)


    does anyone know where to get a good deall?? :smile:
  4. sometimes sales pop up time to time at Nordies/bloomies/etc. as well as eBay. you just have to be super careful and always get it authenticated in the "authenticate this" thread.
  5. I have one of these, and I love it! So many pockets inside - great for staying organized!

    I've seen some good deals on these pop up on eBay, just be sure to check for authenticity. Good luck! I hope you find one soon! :tup:
  6. Yup - agree with everyone - if you have eBay finds authenticated, you can get zip clutches for GREAT bargains. I have never paid full price for mine...I still don't think I could do that unless MJ brings back the silver hardware and it was a TDF color! :p