MJ vs. Marc by MJ

  1. Which would you rather have... THREE Marc by Marc's:heart: or ONE Marc:love:?

    I can't decide if I should get the Marc below...



    3 cool Marc by Marc's to include a Posh JJ (or 2) and a Turnlock...

  2. if you call Nordstrom, you still might be able to get the grey alyona for 40% off. that way you can get the mj AND the mbmjs! Neiman Marcus has the posh jj on sale too.
  3. /\ i'd do that...that first one is GORGEOUS!
  4. me personally, id rather have 1 marc :smile:
  5. Can you go to the stores to try on the bags? If you can, you should go and see what really grabs you, and get that.
    Also, it really depends on what you want to use them for. I have both MJ and MbMJ but I end up using the MbMJ tons more because it's my school bag and I can throw it around.
  6. I'd rather have three MbMJ's than that particular MJ bag above. There are so many great MbMJ's in F08 collection If I could, I'd have them all. I'm not really feeling the MJ collection of late.
  7. I have two MJ but, do not own any Marc by MJ's. I love mine but also like the other line as well. I think one of each would be nice..if the sale listed above is still available. Or purchase a MJ now that is on sale and wait until spring for a marc by MJ.
  8. Go with the Alyona! That is a great color, and I much prefer the MJ bags vs MbyMJ.
  9. I agree MJ!!!All the way!!!
  10. I say go for the bag you love. If you really want the MJ, then having 3 MBMJ won't satisfy you and you'll end up wanting to buy MJ anyways. On the other hand, if you like an MBMJ bag, go for it even though it's not "Designer line".
  11. I'd rather have one MJ as well
  12. I got the bag name wrong... It's actually the North South (photo attached)... I decided to get one of each... They are on hold and I'm picking them up bright and early tomorrow morning! yay! :yahoo:
    MJ NS Grey.jpg MBMJ TT Bordeaux.jpg
  13. One of each! Congrats, sep! That seems like a fair and reasonable handbag compromise to me. :yes:
  14. Congrats! One of each is a good solution & I really like the color of the MBMJ bag.
  15. One of each is perfect! Congrats! They're gorgeous!