MJ virgin here...need advice on shopping..

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was referred here by someone on MUA. Here's my situation: I have never spent more than $200 on a bag before (Coach) but I have been lusting over the MJ Hillier Hobo for a year now. Looks like I MIGHT be able to get one, finally.(DH dropped a huge amount of money on a new amp for his band, and let's just say I am benefiting from his resulting guilt) :smile: I have no idea where to shop; where the best deals are, or if they go on sale. They don't have them at any store near me, so it would be an online purchase.

    I should also add that I am not totally wedded to MJ. If I could find a bag JUST LIKE the Hillier, similar style, etc. for less I would probably buy it. Obviously the real thing would be better, but I would be willing to settle for something a little less expensive if such a thing exists.

    Anyway, if anyone has advice for me, I'd love to hear it! Thank you so much, ladies.
  2. saks, nm, bloomingdale's, and nordstrom have had insane deals on the hillier hobo. you can always check in the sales thread around sales time or go ebay. you can score a pretty good deal there if you're diligent. good luck.
  3. Thank you! Do you know if any sales are coming up?
  4. i'd probably go the ebay route. i dont have boutiques around me either and you can get some great deals on there if you watch it. for the hillier, please note too there's 2 different sizes :tup:
  5. the next big one should be happening around end of april or may. summer clearance.
  6. Thanks. I'll check the forum for good ebay sellers. I've got my eye on a small black Hillier right now. I think I prefer the small...color is hard to choose. I usually carry black but the brown is so gorgeous, and would look so nice with summer clothes...

    Thanks for the heads-up!
  7. Thanks!
  8. sure thing. i personally think the black with gold hardware is just stunning

  9. It is. Any chance you could check my Authenticate thread and see the auction I'm watching?
  10. Go for the small in black! :graucho:

  11. It is lovely. I would be happy with either color, although I tend to buy mostly black accessories and sometimes I think I should branch out. But black is more universal..and would match more in my wardrobe.

    I'm drooling...
  12. black is beautiful, but saddle is lovely too and just as versatile. you can't go wrong with either.
  13. Small Black would be lovely... although u really cant go wrong with any color leather. Also, some Macy's carry MBMJ so you might want to keep your eyes peeled during the next Friends & Family 20% off sale. They just had one I think a couple months ago but there should be another this spring, I think...
  14. It's going to be hard to decide, that's for sure! If only I could have one of EACH!