MJ Venetia

  1. Hi girls, I'm pretty new to the purse forum and this is my first post in marc jacobs :smile:

    I'm considering getting a venetia as my birthday is coming up [yayyyy!:yahoo:] and i would really appreciate anyone who knows a lot about it or owns it to tell me everything about the venetia.

    thank you soooo much!

    Designers-Imports, Designer clothing Burberry Apparel, Burberry Handbags, Fendi, Prada, Movado, wallets, shoes at discounted prices - designersimports.com has them for a really good price. Is the website trustworthy?
  2. Hello, welcome to PF. I'm so excited for you to get your Venetia. I think it will be a great first MJ bag.

    Unfortunately, Designer Imports isn't a reputable place to get MJ bags. They sell high-end fakes. Check out Net-A-Porter, eluxury, bluefly, or Zappos.

    There is a list of on this forum about bad sellers but I can't find it. Maybe someone else will know.

    Venetia is one of the MJ classic styles. I personally love it cause it's just so classy, unless if you're looking for something more casual. It's more of a handbag than a shoulder bag, though if you're small you can easily fit it under your arm. The downside, if you fill this bag up, it can be quite heavy and sometimes the strap gets in the way.

    If you're looking for an old season color, the only place to go is Ebay or if you want current season, you can go to your local MJ store, Neiman, Saks, Bloomies, or Nordies. If you do decide to get your bag from ebay, always post the link at the "authenticate this!" forum and all the PF ladies will help you out as there are alot of fakes out there!

    This is a link that will help you alot with MJ bags:

    eBay View About Me for vogue1966

  3. GOSH. Thank you soooooo much, chloe. you've helped so much! i really really appreciate your taking time to reply. In details!

  4. The venetia was my first MJ bag and I got hooked from there. Great choice!
    You will love it. What colors are you considering?

    Here are a few more sites:

  5. i dunno to be honest. the leather looks a bit soft imo..i like structured bags which shape stays. im still considering it.

    thanks for the replies girls :smile: