MJ Venetia in Pink

  1. Does anyone have pictures of the different pink shades available for MJ Venetia? I have one and am trying to figure out what the color name is. It seems to not be the very very light pink, maybe a shade or two deeper. Any thoughts?

  2. do you have a photo of yours? that would help...
    otherwise, I've heard of petal pink, berry, petunia pink, muted pink, and rose quartz. There's probably more... and sometimes the purples look pink too, like violet.
  3. Pics please!
  4. i know this isn;t very clear, but does it help?
  5. Rose Quartz came with silver hardware, lilac stiching, and coral pink suede lining.

    What colors are the stitching & lining of your Venetia? Looks like white stiching in the picture.
  6. the hardware is silver, stiching is white, and the lining could be described as pink/lilac (it's the fabric lining, not the suede)
  7. Petal Pink came with salmon twill lining; AbagLover has a Venetia in this color, check out her Collection.
  8. I'm not sure that it's the same color. AbagLover's picture is kind of blurry, but the stiching appears to be a darker pink than the actual color of the bag. I've been looking at pictures of the "petal pink" MJ bags and mine still appears darker. petal pink seems to be the color I was describing earlier, as the one a few shades lighter than my bag.
  9. ^ Thanks Thithi. =)
    Abaglover's Venetia looks lighter & the stitching isn't white; it's sooooo beautiful!!! I would buy it without any hestitation, even if it's big for me.
  10. Madzia, I think yours looks like rose quartz. I have the petal pink baby venetia and it is definitely lighter than your bag.
  11. the color is kinda matching up with the rose quartz, but has anyone ever seen rose quartz with white stiching?

    could it be berry maybe?

    or is this quickly becoming an authentication issue?
  12. Madzia: I don't know, Rose Quartz came with lilac stitching though. You can see an up-close shot of Rose Quartz & Berry in this post:

  13. Oh dear.. another reason to resurrect the leather variation thread and update it. All these pinks! So confusing.