MJ Velvet Change Purse

  1. I've always wanted this cute little thing but i have no idea where to find it. I went on marcjacobs.com but it didn't show anything there. I went to a whole lot of department stores online like, Nordstrom, and eluxury but i still can't seem to find it. I don't have any designer stores near me so the only way i can find the purse is by searching for it online.
    It's pretty small and the whole thing is quilted. It also has a bow on it, and it's a wristlet.
    If anyone knows where to find this item please please tell me.
    I'm in love with it.

  2. I've had some pretty good luck calling the MJ boutiques and having them send things. Some will send a selection of samples and only charge you for one and then you can pick the one you like best and ship the rest back. I like Chris working with Chris in New York on Mercier..sorry don't have the phone. maggie
  3. Christina, I have only seen them on ebay, they are cute!
    Like Maggie suggested, try calling MJ boutiques first.
  4. Christina, these were out last holiday so it's going to be pretty hard to find them at a retail store now. I would check NM Last Call, Off 5th, and/or Nordstroms Rack.

    Other than that, your best bet is ebay
  5. ditto. it's from fall '05 or spring '05, so you won't be able to find it in the stores.