MJ Valentine's 2009 Random Acts of Kindness Gift Exchange

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  1. #1 Jan 13, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 14, 2009
    :heart::heart: MJ Valentine's 2009 Random Acts of Kindness Gift Exchange :heart::heart:

    ** Please read the following rules carefully. There have been several changes. **

    What it is:
    This program is similar to a "secret santa" gift exchange. You will be randomly assigned a buddy whom you can send a small gift to through the postal mail this holiday. You can send cards, sweets, trinkets, magazines, books, cosmetics, goodies, etc.; anything you think would be fun to brighten his/her day! You can even decorate the package/envelope using MJ themes. The goal is to perform a "random act of kindness" for another person!

    This program is for active tPF members who regularly post in the Marc Jacobs Forum only. If you would like to participate in this exchange, you will be expected to send one small gift to your assigned buddy before February 7th (February 1st for international participants). You will also be expected to post pictures of gifts you receive from your buddy in this thread for the enjoyment of other participants. Participants from any country may enter. You will be matched up with a buddy who agrees to send mail to your region. International participants must be willing to ship globally and ship their packages no later than February 1st. You should expect to spend between the minimum of $25 and the maximum of $40 (not including postage costs) on your assigned buddy for this one package. Also, it is now MANDATORY to ship all gifts using a trackable method. Due to concerns raised in the past please do not re-gift or send samples and other freebies as the majority of your package. Obviously, you are not expected to send MJ merchandise as gifts!

    :excl: If you are unable or unwilling to follow the rules outlined above please do not participate. :excl:

    How to participate:
    1. PM me (Melly) your full name, e-mail address, postal address, and the following questionnaire. Please be sure I will not distribute your information to anyone except for your buddy. Also specify if you are male or female, and your mailing preference for your buddy (US only or International OK). Please note, all international participants must be willing to ship globally. All entries must be received by January 23rd to participate in this exchange!

    2. I will e-mail you the information for your buddy by January 25th. You can research your buddy's preferences through tPF posts, or prepare to send them any fun gifts you think they will like. Participants are encouraged to use MJ and Valentine's Day themes to decorate the envelopes/packaging if possible. (Think ribbons, old MJ bags and boxes, magazine clippings, computer printouts, etc.)

    3. In preparation for the upcoming holiday, please send your buddy one package for their enjoyment! If you notice a sad post by your buddy in the forum, maybe you want to cheer them up! Or if you see a happy post you can congratulate them. You may reveal your identity to them in your package.

    4. You will be receiving gifts from a different buddy in the mail! When you receive gifts from your buddy, please post pictures of them in this thread. You are now expected to post pictures of your gift within 3 days of receiving the package.

    (Special thanks to stefania from the LV forum for allowing me to use and modify her RAOK Sign-up and Rules!)


    Copy, paste & fill out this questionnaire in your PM to me.:yes:

    Your Age (age range, if you prefer):
    Favorite color(s):
    Favorite foods:
    Favorite candy:
    Favorite drink (coffee, tea, etc):
    Favorite beauty products:
    Favorite scent (candle, home, etc.):
    Favorite flower:
    Favorite animal:
    Favorite MJ bags and/or colors:
    Favorite authors/movies:
    Favorite music:
    Do you have pets:
    Do you collect anything (besides handbags):
    Do you have any hobbies:
    Extreme Allergies:
    Anything else you would like to tell your buddy about:
  2. whoooohoooo.. another RAOK.. i'm so innn! pm you in a bit melly!
  3. thanks again melly for taking this on!! i'd love to join in!
  4. valentines day already, wow. i remember the 2008 valentines raok like it was yesterday! i just woke up bc i was tossing and turning (its 3:30am!), so when i wake up later today, i will fill out the survey and send it your way, melly. hope your well hunny :heart:
  5. yay another raok :smile:
  6. thanks Melly!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!
  7. thanks Melly! I love the idea of a Valentine's Day RAOK... it also happens to be me and Mr GB's 8th wedding anniversary :smile:
  8. happy anniversary early hon!

    yayyyy valentines raok!
  9. ginger, aw thanks so much doll!!! xoxo
  10. Thanks Melly for setting this up!!
  11. Great to see you're back, Melly!
  12. pm sent! can't wait to start shopping!
  13. welcome back, melly and thank you for setting up another raok for us!
  14. yay Melly! Thanks for organizing!!
  15. Thanks for organizing this Melly! Hope things are going well with you. Great to see you're back.
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