MJ Ursula Bowler

  1. Hey everyone!!!!! I am looking for the mj ursula bowler in black in the large size on sale. I have it already in the moss but my mom wants one too!!! Please let me know if anyone has seen this bag on sale!!!!! thanks!!
  2. I am told by SAs that only Lobster (red) & Moss (green) Bowlers are included in the sale.
  3. yeah thats what i thought, does black ever go on sale??
  4. i was looking for one too. but not the large, just the regular bowler.
  5. Call SA Cliff at Nordstrom Michigan Ave. in Chicago at 312-464-1515. They price match, and he found me a black patent one (large bowler) on sale for $600-something.
  6. they price match even if its not the same color?
  7. I think so... at least, I haven't seen black ones on sale anywhere... but yet he is giving me that sale price on the black one.
  8. Hmm...didn't know the bowler came in black patent. i'm looking for the small bowler in regular leather.
  9. Not supposed to. The item (style/color) being price-matched has to be on sale at the competitor's store as well. Some SA/Manager are more strict than others, they only honor the offer iff the competitor has the exact item (style/color/size) in stock.

    Black/Chalk/Midnight/Blush/Cola Ursula Bowlers aren't on sale at Nordstrom, NM, and Saks.

    Colors such as Black and White get discounted iff the styles and/or colors get discontinued (like Sienna, Diane, etc).

    Waiting for Ursula Quilted Elise to go on sale? Unfortnately, it is no longer available at NAP, NM/BG, and eluxury even though it's not on sale yet. You might have to check other retailers since Nordstrom and Barney's NY didn't get any.
  10. I was able to get a price match like you said for the black bowler with free shipping!!
  11. Excellent! He is the BEST!
  12. Not too sure if anyone is looking for this color, but I think its new for fall, and this is the first time I've seen it on sale anywhere. I think its either bronze or pewter. Check it out...
  13. Is anyone looking for a chalk one?
  14. baghound, Cliff actually wasnt in, but the SA that helped me was Susan and she was great!! They are all so nice and helpful there unlike here in NY lol. But I thank you sooo much for informing me about this Nordies price match!!!
  15. Just lookin' out for my fellow bag lovers! :smile: Glad she could help. And YES they are super nice there, and much more helpful than other stores I've called.