MJ trish owners- has this happened to your hardware

  1. I need your help. The metal "loops" on my trish has come loose and "popped" off. Is there an easy at home fix I can do here? I called MJ and they said they can't repair it for me since I didn't buy it at their store...I didn't know that mattered before!


    Anyways, has this happened to any of your bags? What would you suggest I can do? Any help would be greatly appreciated here.

    Thanks in advance and happy new year!
    trish1.jpg trish2.jpg
  2. Oh no! I'm sorry that happened to your bag. I've heard of other people having this issue as well. You might want to try emailing Marc Jacobs to see if they will repair it for free (the may not though since it's outside the 18 month window). Here's their contact info: Info on MJ repairs to bags purchased in the last 18 months

    Good luck!
  3. thank you Melly! This is really good info for me (and for anyone else who needs to make their MJs perfect again!)
    I'll keep you posted with before and after pics! :p
  4. Hi kitcat
    I don't have a trish but a small zip bowler and the same happened to mine, I used a leather/metal superglue. I just put a tiny amount on a match then put it on the metal part and pushed it together and it seems to have done the job. hth good luck :smile:
  5. thanks for the great advice beany! I'll have to try this one out. thank you!