MJ Tina Tunlock: Finally got it, but don't know if it's TOO big..keep or return.

  1. I ordered this bag in both and brown, haven't seen the colors in person, so ordered both. Do you think it's too big on me? I love the bag but when I saw it in real person, it is big, but because maybe I'm not used to it yet. I'm 5' 3", around 110 lbs. What do u ladies think?

    MJ Tina Turnlock bag - got it for less than $300
    Too big? Keep or return? If keep, black or brown? Please give your opinion. Thank you :smile:
    1) brown
    2) black

  2. I think it looks great on you but I'd only keep it if you like big bags.

    And btw, I clicked on the picture and it took me to MUA and I had a moment of disbelief. I was like - wasn't I just on TPF?! How did I get to MUA?!

  3. btw.. i definantely like the black better!
  4. the tina in the black looks like it'd be a great classic bag for you...

    i have this in firebird and i think the bag is large, but i love how i never run out of room and that it slouches when it's not filled...

    under 300 though, pretty good deal. I'd keep the black.
  5. Seriously, you should return it. The whole time you've been contemplating this bag you've been unsure. Anything that takes that much analyzing isn't worth it.
  6. Great bag - actually looks pretty sleek for such a big bag! Personally, though, I would feel weird carrying that size of bag around for everday use. However, I would most definitely carry it as a work tote (for papers, folders, lunch, smaller bag inside, etc.) or as a carry-on type of bag for traveling. If you think you might use it for that, I would keep it since you got such a great deal. I like both colors - maybe the black slightly more. Would depend on if you normally wear more black or brown. If you want it as an everyday bag, you might be happier with the bowler or the Teri tote, which still hold a lot but seem more reasonably sized for every day use.

    P.S. Don't feel bad about overanalyzing, I do it too! Especially with bags!
  7. thanks monulua....i really needed your feedback. i was thinking about using it as a everyday bag, but now, i think it might be too big and too expensive. i honestly don't care about the bag i used to go to work so i guess i decide to return it. it was just such a good idea to pass and i really want a marc jacobs bag...maybe i'll just wait for the nextt seasons' bag..thanks everyone :smile:
  8. pwecious - It sounds like you are making the right decision for you! It is a great deal, but if you can return it, you can put that money towards something else even better! At least you got to try it on! I'm getting ready to post pics of the M by MJ Totally Turnlock Bowler that I just received today and love! Maybe something like that might be an option...
  9. really? ok..thanks..i'll be waiting your post. honestly, i haven't seen any of the mj bags that i love....for some reason, i just love this black tina turnlock bag...if only it was one size smaller :sad:
    i'll think it over the weekend and see if i'll keep it and i look forward to seeing ur pix...thx
  10. pwecious, i feel your pain....i've tried that tina tote on at least 10 times. every time i see it in the store, because i love it. but it's too big for me...and i realize that every time i put it on, even though i adore it on the shelf.

    if it helps, there are some new marc by MJ bags up on neimanmarcus.com for spring 2007, and they're divine.....i think holding out might be the right choice :smile:
  11. Big bags are in, and it looks great on most people. The only thing I find a hassle is trying to locate items in the bag, especially if it's deep. If that's a problem for you, then I'd suggest returning it. Just trying to help keep functionality in mind. =)
  12. not too big. AT ALL. looks great on you.
  13. Pwecious, you made the right choice by returning it. Size and style really depend on each personal's preference; if you were to ask me, I would say that it's just too big for an everyday bag. You are the one who will wear the bag so you have to love it on you. If you feel overwhelmed by it, don't keep it no matter how good a deal you can get it for (there will always be another sale). You can use your $$ toward another bag that wins you over. Resort 06 MARC bags are arriving in stores now, some of them are nice. Do you like this Satchel ($458)? It (9 x 15.5" X 6.5") is a lot smaller than Tina (11 x 21 x 3).


    (source: neimanmarcus.com)
  14. thanks bag.lover. i was actually going to return my tina and get the one you just posted. i was thinking either the white or brown..it's such a lovely bag. i'll just wait patiently for it to go on sale. the tina i got was such a good idea. so hard to return on such good deal but oh wells..thanks... :smile: vbmenu_register("postmenu_1222710", true);