MJ: This Generation's Coco?

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  1. When MJ first introduced the quilted stam, it took my by surprise. The last person I ever thought MJ would emulate would be Coco Chanel, but with the quilted bodies and chain straps, I couldn't help but think that MJ had been influenced by the great Coco herself. The stam stayed true to MJ, however and maintained that "quirkiness" we've all come to love about MJ. But as the seasons went by, he introduced more & more quilted styles, some of them resembling Chanel bags more so than others (The Mayfair & Ingrid were the closest to a "flap" bag).

    As I browsed through Nordstroms new listings for the Spring/Summer bags, I was very surprised to see among the new MJ styles this bag --


    "The Single" -- What do you guys think? Is this too Chanel-like for MJ?

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  2. To me the Single looks more MJ (push lock!) then Chanel.
    I also think there is still plenty of quirkiness that looks nothing like Chanel this spring!
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    they are similar, but i think marc's version looks hipper, younger, and edgier. i'd wear my chanel metallic reissue to the opera, ballet, and nice dinners, but i'd wear the single out with my friends, to the cafe, and generally on a more everyday basis. actually, it wouldn't even look that out of the place at the met. like joke said, there's definitely enough mj touches in there that keeps an otherwise classic design looking fresh. besides, the pushlock trumps the chanel mademoiselle clasp imo timeless or not.
  4. Oh, I love it! Just checked it out on Nordies. I'm sure that there is some influence there (probably one of the reasons I like MJ & Chanel) but the Single is much quirkier, and more youthful than the Chanel flap, although there is a LOT of influence going on with this one.....I've already started to pester the DH about this for my bday. It ships 3 days after my birthday, I think it's meant to be!
  5. I love Chanel and always have, but I think that MJ is unique and even if the look is "influenced" by Chanel, it's still all Marc to me. Plus, MJ has included these quilted styles in all of his collections since the Stam arrived, it's now his trademark look!

    I love the Single and I hope to get one. I am not one to have small bags, even evening bags. I usually have to run out and buy a cheap-o if I am going somewhere. I love this one, though and I would definitely invest in this.
  6. the bronze is really pretty. i'm going to have a difficult time choosing between this and the metallic grey/blue. marc can't ever make it easy for me, can he?
  7. my black quilted pony tote has always reminded me of a chanel bag! I love this new bag, esp in the berry color. I think its wonderful.
  8. looks like a new ingrid :smile:
  9. I love Chanel, but I adore MJ - and I love what he's been doing lately with all of the quilting. I know that engrained in our minds is the idea that quilting = Chanel, but MJ is doing such different and great things with it. As everyone's pointed out, Chanel is the culmination of timeless and classic, whereas MJ can do that + have the bag reflect a particular year and season. He brings such a refreshing outlook to his bags, KWIM? That being said, I'm totally loving the new Single! If only it were a more basic color, I'd be on that. Maybe for a future season.... :graucho: I even prefer it over the Ingrid! I love how the pushlock is functional for it.
  10. OH MY GOSH! hadn't seen this one yet. i want! how much??
  11. I love quilting on any bag, and love pushlocks. I do see some influence of Chanel, but it still looks MJ, though, I will be honest, I think this bag is a little boring....sorry ladies!!!
  12. I've only seen it on the MJ site so far, june - no retailers yet. I don't know if we know what the price is as of right now.
  13. dang. decent price too. if i saved up, i could get one...:thinking:
  14. does it only come in metallic shades? this one in plain grey would be tdf!