MJ "teal" color for fall: Have you seen it IRL yet?

  1. Some tPFers have commented that it appears in the pics to look more green than teal. I'm curious if anyone has seen it yet and can describe it? I'm looking for a great green bag. TIA

    (These pics of the teal Alyona from shoptwigs.)

    Teal Alyona.jpg Teal Alyona2.jpg
  2. This is what the color looks like on marcjacobs.com...

    from MJ.JPG
  3. this bag is definitely more teal than green. the marcjacobs.com site is totally misrepresenting the color.
  4. I saw little stam at Bloomies in this color. It's a bit too dark for teal, to be honest. Beautiful color though.
  5. Thanks ladies. It's disappointing to hear that it doesn't look green, as in the mj.com pic, but at least I know now...