MJ sweatercoat

  1. I wasn't sure if I'm allowed to post about apparel on this thread but since it's MJ hopefully it's okay.

    What do you think about the Runway Jolie Sweater? (Attached)

    Do you think it could end up looking frumpy? Is it too wide? Too long? My style is usually clean and I guess classic (as opposed to trendy). I'm about 5'7. I'm looking for something comfortable, warm, and easy to wear around a college campus. Finally, do you think I can wear this over a winter coat?

    Sorry for the gazillion questions & THANKS!!
  2. i saw this in macys and it runs big, so i didn't get it...
    but i saw a SA in neiman wearing it and it really looks good on her and she is tiny about 5"4...
    the material is kind of heavy cuz when it hangs it's weighing down...
  3. i have a similar oversized sweater from mbmj. i'm 5'4 and i don't find it to be overwhelming for my petite frame. i like to wear it with straight leg or skinny jeans and ballet flats to keep the proportions balanced. i think it would be a good buy. it looks cozy and it could be paired with so many things. i don't think you can wear this over a winter coat, but you can definitely wear it under one. hth!
  4. looks cute and warm!
  5. :heart::tup:
  6. Sweatercoat is adorable! :heart:
  7. I tried this on at Bloomies a few weeks ago, but I didn't get it because it was just too overwhelming for my frame (I'm only 5' 1"). I did find it wide, but I believe that is the intended style. It was mainly the length that bothered me. If you are 5' 7", it should look fine... and definitely comfy and stylish!
  8. looks warm~~ and comfortable